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Alex Hepke

Alex Hepke

Trade/Area of expertise: HVAC

Years of experience: 13 years

Favorite tool: Klein 14-in-1 32304 screwdriver

Meet Alex!

Say hello to Alex Hepke, a seasoned HVAC tech with 13 years of experience. Alex brings a determined attitude and a trusty Klein 14-in-1 screwdriver to every job. While he may describe himself as just a "normal guy," his commitment to his craft and to “exceed his daily quota of good deeds” sets him apart in the home repair industry.

For Alex, the satisfaction of fixing a system and providing relief to homeowners is the ultimate goal. He emphasizes careful planning and encourages homeowners to ask for help when they need it, believing it can save both time and money in the long run..

Safety is paramount in Alex's work, especially when working alone. Every move is meticulously planned to ensure both his safety and the homeowner's peace of mind. Besides the enjoyment Alex gets working on problem-solving repairs, Alex also finds fulfillment in the people he meets and helps along the way.

One career highlight Alex recalls is creatively maneuvering a 5-ton compressor onto the roof of an AMC theater, showcasing Alex's ingenuity and problem-solving skills. Whether it's climbing rooftops or repairing systems, Alex is dedicated to delivering top-notch service with a positive attitude. When you need HVAC help, video chat with an Expert like Alex.

Fun fact: “Not a whole lot of fun just a normal guy,” according to Alex

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Never give up, never surrender attitude with a smile also always looking for an opportunity to meet or exceed my "one good deed a day" quota.

The satisfaction of repairing a system and the relief it provides the customer knowing the system is running again.

Don’t rush, plan ahead and most of all don’t be afraid to ask for help, a simple phone call could save you hrs and $100’s.

Most of the time you are working alone so every move or action needs to be well thought out because the homeowner can’t be expected to bail you out.

Do it right the first time, band aids always fall off

The repairs come and go, the only thing memorable for me is the people I get to meet and help.