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Brett Labeka

Brett Labeka

Trade/Area of expertise: Building maintenance/ HVAC

Years of experience: 20 years

Favorite tool: Channellock adjustable pliers

Meet Brett!

Say hello to Brett Labeka, an HVAC and building maintenance Expert with over 20 years’ experience. Brett is a true jack-of-all-trades and brings a unique set of skills with him, including knowledge of plumbing, electrical, appliances, drywall, carpentry, and flooring. 

Brett’s journey started with a knack for troubleshooting, which ultimately paved the way for where he is today. As a video chat Expert, Brett's passion for problem-solving and fixing things make him a perfect fit for the job. 

What sets Brett apart are his listening skills and strong work ethic—which he brings to the job every single day. No matter the issue, Brett has a unique ability to interpret the problem and communicate the solution in simple terms. 

Whenever you’re having home repair issues, connect with a Frontdoor video chat Expert like Brett to receive personalized assistance and tackle your project head-on.

Fun fact: Brett loves to fish, go to the gym, and spend time with his family.

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Helping people all across the country to solve problems and providing them with helpful advice in only a matter of minutes.

Make sure to use the proper tools and equipment for your project and don’t be intimidated if something is new to you. Remember, you can learn as you go!

Make sure to use the proper P.P.E. and have the right safety equipment before starting any job.

Because it’s associated with optimism and energy which is great for this new Frontdoor app!

Keep up with preventive maintenance inside and outside your home. It will save you a bunch of money down the road and maintain the value of your home. 

When I was a maintenance supervisor, I won an award for most turned around property in the company, beating out 150 properties throughout 11 states on the East Coast. 

As a busy maintenance supervisor at a big apartment property, I was working with another  maintenance supervisor who suddenly quit when the property was due for a major federal inspection. I stepped in and set up vendors to get projects completed by the deadline, called other properties to get more maintenance techs for support, ordered all the supplies and parts needed, and set up a schedule for everyone to follow. It all worked out great and we passed with a good score!