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Johnny Sharif

Johnny Sharif

Trade/Area of expertise: Electrician

Years of experience: 19 years

Favorite tool: Klein Journeyman Lineman's Pliers with Crimper

Meet Johnny!

Say hello to Johnny Sharif, an electrical Expert with 19 years of experience in his field. Following in family footsteps, Johnny entered the trade during high school and has been dedicated ever since. He values quality workmanship, often relying on his favorite tool, the Klein Journeyman Lineman’s Pliers with Crimper.

Johnny's commitment to doing what's right sets him apart, treating every job as if it were in his own home. For Johnny, safety is paramount. He always starts with thorough planning to mitigate risks, ensuring projects are completed efficiently and securely.

Johnny finds true satisfaction in helping homeowners resolve issues or complete projects and encourages DIY enthusiasts to seek expert assistance from Frontdoor. Beyond work, Johnny enjoys family time and sharing his favorite home repair advice: "Measure twice, cut once."

His career highlights include a promotion to Foreman after passing his Electrical Unlimited Journeyperson test and showcasing creativity by using PVC conduit to navigate wires across a finished ceiling. If you’re looking for an electrical Expert with problem-solving skills and a commitment to efficiency, video chat with a Frontdoor Expert like Johnny.

Fun fact: Johnny is a “Sneakerhead” with over 50 pairs of sneakers and counting!

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I treat any work I do the same as if I were working in my own home. I am always looking to do the right thing even when it is the harder option.

I get true satisfaction from helping someone resolve an issue or getting them through a project.

You should “Video Chat That” and give us a call here at Frontdoor!

Prioritizing safety is essential to any home repair, I always try to run a few scenarios of how the job should go to further prepare for the job and foresee any safety issues.

“Measure twice cut once.” In other words, it is ok to double check rather than make the mistake and need more material which will set you back.

I will never forget the time I passed my Electrical Unlimited Journeyperson test and I walked into the office the next day to share the good news and walked out with more responsibility as a lead guy with a small crew. It continued from there and I was eventually promoted to Foreman and was running my own job.