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John Bell

John Bell

Trade/Area of expertise: Electrician

Years of experience: 25 years

Favorite tool: Battery Impact Drill

Meet John!

Say hello to John Bell, a video chat Expert and electrician with 25 years’ experience, including two state and two international certificates to his name. With John’s wealth of knowledge, it's safe to say he knows his way around electrical repairs.

John's work is guided by two principles—safety and precision. Every project he undertakes adheres to the National Electrical Code and OSHA safety procedures to ensure that all potential hazards are avoided. John has a friendly, easy-going demeanor and remains committed to delivering personalized service to all of our members.

So, if you’re looking for approachable and practical advice, connect with one of our Frontdoor Experts, like John - you'll be in good hands.

Fun fact: John is a dad of three teenage girls, including twins!

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Helping others and putting a smile on their face.

The potential to reach millions of customers.

Be patient and willing to learn.

Don’t let repairs go too long. Stay on top of them.

I prevented an electrical fire in an elderly customer's home.