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Swannell Thompson

Swannell Thompson

Trade/Area of expertise: HVAC/electrical & low voltage

Years of experience: 10 years

Favorite tool: Impact drill

Meet Swannell!

Say hello to Swannell Thompson, our skilled video chat Expert with over 10 years’ experience in HVAC, electrical work, and low voltage systems.

With a passion for problem-solving, Swannell's journey in the trade industry began at a young age working alongside his father who owned a building. That experience allowed Swannell to develop a unique ability to think outside the box and try alternative methods to achieve results. 

Swannell thoroughly enjoys helping people. For him, it’s important to empower people with the knowledge to do things themselves. Using this approach, he’s able to build a connection with members based in, and trust to help homeowners maintain their most valuable asset. 

Whether you have a simple question or need real-time, home repair advice, Frontdoor Experts like Swannell are here to support you every step of the way.

Fun fact: Swannell mounted over 500 TVs during the pandemic.

To-dos, done with Frontdoor

Checking home repairs off the list has never been easier with Frontdoor video chat. Connect with a real, live Expert for real-time advice. Your first chat is free!

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I genuinely enjoy helping people. I love the look on people’s faces when they have that eureka moment and know they’ve accomplished their task.

I prioritize safety using the principle that everyone should leave a jobsite exactly as it came. Also, if you’re unsure about something, always double check.

It’s Frontdoor Orange because it’s the symbol of a game changer.

Keep it simple stupid. 

After being on a video chat with a member for almost three hours, we finally got her door opened and changed the knob. She never turned the camera around so I couldn’t see her face, but I could tell from her voice she was ecstatic.

There are many times I’ve had to use tools in combination with other tools in unconventional ways to get the job done. You really do have to get creative!