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Mike Sperduto

Mike Sperduto

Trade/Area of expertise: Home Appliance Repair

Years of experience: 17 years

Favorite tool: Bosch PS21-2a Pocket Driver

Meet Mike!

Say hello to Mike Sperduto a seasoned home repair appliance Expert with 17 years of experience. Originally seeking a career in HVAC, he switched gears after an appliance repair apprenticeship. With EPA 608, OSHA certifications and major brand appliance certifications, Mike brings a detective-like-approach to his work, prioritizing diagnostics over assumptions. 

What sets Mike apart is his commitment to safety and holistic problem-solving. He always stays up to date on the latest industry trends for appliance repair and enjoys seeing the satisfaction of homeowners when their issues are resolved. 

For DIY enthusiasts, Mike advises doing thorough research upfront and always prioritizing safety. He emphasizes the importance of patience and planning for successful outcomes.

Outside of work, Mike likes to build Proton Packs. His favorite home repair advice is “take your time, prioritize safety, and stick to your plan.” If you’re looking for careful diagnostics and innovate solutions, video chat with a trusted appliance repair Expert like Mike.

Fun fact: South Brooklyn NY, born and raised

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I tend to think of diagnosing an issue with an appliance as detective work. I want to know what caused the issue before assuming that it’s a parts issue. Sometimes it could be an issue caused by “user error”. I tend to recall my past experiences in the field to assist with problem solving.

I enjoyed seeing a customer happy about having the issue with their appliance solved. I also enjoyed learning about all the new appliances and staying informed about the latest industry trends.

I would advise them to do their research and plan out the project from start to finish. Prioritize safety first.

It’s the first aspect to be addressed and enforced. Safety is the most important thing always. I would take the time out to make sure there is adequate and sufficient Personal Protective Equipment aka PPE to go around.

Take your time, you aren’t in a race. Safety first and follow your game plan.

At one of my former places of employment, I was promoted to Regional Manager because my call “redo” rate was always at 0%. Any Home Appliance Technician will tell you that dreaded “redo”, is something all Technicians want to avoid. It’s no fun going back to a call for a second time.