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Anthony Reichardt

Anthony Reichardt

Trade/Area of expertise: Plumbing , Heating, and General Contracting

Years of experience: 44 years

Favorite tool: Propress

Meet Anthony!

Say hello to Anthony Reichardt. With 44 years’ experience in plumbing, heating, and general contracting, he’s a true  jack-of-all-trades. Anthony got his start in the family business at the age of 8, and has been working in his field for his entire life. His favorite tool is the Propress, just one of many in his extensive toolkit. 

Anthony’s expertise isn’t just limited to hands-on experience; he’s also served as the former President of the New Jersey State League of Master Plumbers. What sets Anthony apart is his comprehensive understanding of structures, gained from a lifetime spent repairing, building, and demolishing buildings. This holistic understanding allows him to approach tasks with ease, knowing the ins-and-outs of every project he takes on.

Anthony compares himself to an onion with many layers of knowledge and interests. One of his most challenging projects included installing a 5000-gallon oil tank next to tidal water within a tight time frame (only 4 hours!). Outside of work he enjoys fishing and gardening. Anthony believes the most important thing he can do is pass on his lifetime of knowledge to others, ensuring that his expertise doesn’t fade away with time. 

Safety is always a top priority for Anthony, who believes that every project should end with everyone returning home safe and sound. The next time you need home repair and maintenance help, talk to a seasoned Expert like Anthony, ready to share his lifetime of knowledge to help you get the job done. 

Fun fact: A man of mystery and many talents, Anthony compares himself to an onion with multiple layers

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I’ve spent my life repairing, building, and demolishing buildings. Plumbers often need to remove things to accomplish repairs or alterations. Having knowledge of the entire structure and how it comes together makes accomplishing the task easy.

Passing on a lifetime of knowledge instead of it fading away with time.

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Safety is paramount! We all want to come home with ten fingers and toes if that is how we started.

Don’t be afraid to try with the help of an Expert.

I completed a townhouse project from conception to completion.