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Garret Bergstrom

Garret Bergstrom

Trade/Area of expertise: Appliance

Years of experience: 7 years

Favorite tool: Multimeter

Meet Garret!

Say hello to Garret Bergstrom, a Frontdoor video chat Expert who also has expertise in the field of home appliance repair. With 7+ years’ experience and a background as an Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) technician in the military, Garret brings a unique perspective to his work.

What truly sets Garret apart is his unwavering commitment to customer service. He finds joy in connecting with people and making their day by providing top-notch service. “As I work longer and longer in the trade, I enjoy the appliance world more and more.”

Ready to experience exceptional repair service? Connect with one of our chat Experts, like Garret today!

Fun fact: Garret has been playing the drums for 25 years!

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I really enjoy fixing things regardless of what they are. 

I’ve gotten the occasional handwritten card from some of my customers. That's better than any award, especially in today’s digital age.

Usually, people are dealing with a circumstance that makes their day or week much more difficult. When I'm helpng then with their home, and make them feel better by resolving an issue with an appliance, there’s this sense that I have provided relief. If I can provide relief for more customers every day, then I know I’m making an impact.

It’s a joy to see how excited people are when they feel empowered. I can walk them through a process, but they do the hard part. Their smiles tell me they are proud of the work they’ve done, too. 

Do it! Any tradesperson has had that exact feeling. Dive in and figure it out. Remember, you have a whole team of Experts that want to help you.

The last thing we want to do is cause property damage or even worse, get someone hurt. The idea of people I’m working with getting hurt is a reason to lose sleep. I advise exercising caution any time we are dealing with sharp objects or engaged in potentially hazardous work involving water or electricity. Injuries are preventable if proper precautions are taken.  

When I was learning to do sealed system work, there was a broken refrigerator that my boss had in his shop. One day, he asked me to go find the issue on the refrigerator. After getting as much information as I could on the history of the unit, I dug in. It did take me a bit, but I found the problem and repaired it. Afterwards, I learned that the refrigerator had been broken for over 10 years. That refrigerator is still working great to this day.