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Garret Bergstrom

Garret Bergstrom

Trade/Area of expertise: Appliance

Years of experience: 7 years

Favorite tool: Multimeter

Meet Garret!

Say hello to Garret Bergstrom, a Frontdoor video chat Expert who also has expertise in the field of home appliance repair. With 7+ years’ experience and a background as an Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) technician in the military, Garret brings a unique perspective to his work.

What truly sets Garret apart is his unwavering commitment to customer service. He finds joy in connecting with people and making their day by providing top-notch service. “As I work longer and longer in the trade, I enjoy the appliance world more and more.”

Ready to experience exceptional repair service? Connect with one of our chat Experts, like Garret today!

Fun fact: Garret has been playing the drums for 25 years!

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