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John Stapleton

John Stapleton

Trade/Area of expertise: Electrician

Years of experience: 30 years

Favorite tool: Knowledge

Meet John!

Say hello to John Stapleton, a true expert in his field with over 30 years of experience in electrical work. Starting as an apprentice, he cultivated his passion for working with his hands and collaborating with diverse trades on various job sites.

John has obtained multiple Master Electrical licenses across different states. He finds fulfillment in helping homeowners with their electrical needs, often connecting with them over video chat to ensure 100% satisfaction. He’s also dedicated to prioritizing safety on every project.

For those considering DIY projects, John emphasizes the importance of consulting a Frontdoor Expert for guidance and safety measures. A little planning goes a long way, especially when it comes to electrical projects, where safety is the number one priority.

Outside of work, John likes to John likes to travel with his wife and spend time with his daughter. Throughout his career, John’s creative problem-solving skills haven’t gone unnoticed, earning him accolades for his meticulous design and installation prowess. So, the next time you need some electrical advice, be sure to video chat with a seasoned electrical Expert like John.

Fun fact: Watching old sitcoms like Seinfeld and King of Queens

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My diagnostic skills and communication skills.

I enjoy video chatting and helping homeowners with their electrical needs and seeing their expressions when we complete the repair.

I would recommend they call an expert and go over their project and any ideas they have in mind.

Always wearing the proper safety equipment and having the proper tools for the project.

Taking the time to evaluate and diagnose the repair/project.

I had a personal client call me recently to do a lighting project for him. I had done a job for him about 10 years ago, he said he remembered my expertise and design ideas from the past job and wanted me specifically for his new home lighting project, he even saved my number over all these years for whenever he may need an electrician. I feel this is a successful story from my career.