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Aaron Nicols

Aaron Nicols

Trade/Area of expertise: Appliance Repair

Years of experience: 8 years

Favorite tool: Multimeter

Meet Aaron!

Say hello to Aaron Nichols, an appliance repair Expert with 8 years of experience under his belt. Aaron discovered his passion for appliance repair as a second career after working in the oil and gas industry. Armed with his trusty multimeter, Aaron's dedication to precise diagnostics and exceptional customer service sets him apart in the field.

What Aaron enjoys most is using his skills to assist others, offering genuine help without pressure to upsell. Safety is paramount in his work, and he prioritizes educating homeowners on safety protocols to ensure a secure repair process.

Beyond work, Aaron finds fulfillment in playing guitar, spending time with his daughters, and seeking adrenaline-fueled adventures. His career highlights include creatively sourcing international parts to revive seemingly irreparable appliances, showcasing his problem-solving skills and dedication to customer satisfaction. Whether troubleshooting a fridge or guiding homeowners through repairs, you’re in good hands when you video chat with an appliance repair Expert like Aaron.

Fun fact: Aaron used to work in the oil and gas industry and did appliance repair as a part-time gig—which eventually turned into a full-time gig!

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I’ve noticed, working with other repair techs in the field, so often, customer service skills are lacking! I’ve got extensive experience providing excellent customer service. I feel this has always helped me connect with my customers, and our members!

I’ve always loved being able to use my talents/skills to help others. That’s only amplified in my current position at Frontdoor! We get to give our honest, unbiased opinion to members without any pressure to sell a job or influence the member’s decision one way or the other. We can truly help our members to the best of our ability.

Honestly, after seeing how much we are able to help our members, the first thing I would suggest is to download the Frontdoor app and become an unlimited member. It’ll be the best $25 they ever spent!

I make sure to have the member disconnect power, when possible, and when power is needed, I make sure to stress the importance of safety when working with the appliance. I also am sure to make the member aware of any shape edges when working inside of a unit, as most units have unfinished interior edges, and will cut you every time, if you aren’t mindful of it.

If you want a washer that will last, buy a Speed Queen! Or maybe if you want to do it, but don’t know how, call Frontdoor!

There have been so many! I guess one that stands out is the time that my customer was convinced that her fridge was dead! After a little troubleshooting, I realized that the GFCI plug had tripped! Reset the plug and made my customers month! She was so thankful! Stuff like that really makes all the hard jobs worthwhile!