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New HVAC Program

A new HVAC system? That's a breath of fresh air.

If you’re tired of repairing your air conditioner and heating unit, you can leverage our national buying power with the New HVAC Program to save thousands off national retail pricing on a new HVAC system. 1

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Bye bye, old HVAC. Say hello to something new.

One of the many perks of being a Frontdoor® member is having access to valuable savings on the home services and equipment you really need—like a partial or full HVAC replacement.

What a new HVAC system can mean for your home

  • Up to 35% lower annual energy costs 2

  • Increased smart home functionality

  • Improved home comfort with better air circulation and air quality

  • Safer, planet-friendly eco-friendly refrigerant

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What you’ll get with the New HVAC Program

  • Current HVAC system inspection

  • Recommendations for a full or partial HVAC replacement and a free in-home quote by an HVAC Pro3

  • Multiple HVAC options from trusted name brands like Lennox, Goodman, Bryant and GrandAire

  • Shipment, delivery and installation of all new HVAC equipment

  • Removal/disposal of your old system

  • Financing available via affordable payment plans 4

Window units, water-sourced geothermal systems, mini-split systems, wall units and boilers are not included

HVAC system upgrades are offered by Frontdoor Pro and performed by a Frontdoor Pro independent service contractor. For Frontdoor Pro license numbers, please visit Frontdoor Pro Licensing Information. Service not available in all areas.

How the New HVAC Program works

Sign up and get a quote

Create your free account and fill out a form to get a free quote on a new HVAC system

Free in-person inspection

Get a free in-person assessment from a Pro, including a current system inspection and a new system quote ³

Make your choice

Your Pro will give you choices based on your home's specific needs. Then, select the option and payment method you prefer

Easy ordering and shipping

Once equipment availability is confirmed and your payment is received, your system will be ordered and shipped

No-hassle installation

You’ll get a call to schedule your installation. On that day, an HVAC Pro will come and install your new system

Expert support

Open the Frontdoor® app and get ongoing support for your new system via live video chat from an HVAC Expert

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Enjoy all of the benefits of Frontdoor

The New HVAC Program is available to both Frontdoor and Frontdoor Unlimited members. Not sure if you need heating and cooling replacement? Open the Frontdoor app and video chat with an unbiased HVAC Expert.

Here’s what you’ll get with Frontdoor:

  • Unlimited video chats with Experts for $25 a year

  • Real-time, unbiased home repair and maintenance advice

  • Exclusive partner discounts

  • Access to a list of vetted Pros for in-person help

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your one-stop app for trusted home repair and maintenance when you need advice in real time. Frontdoor provides homeowners with a convenient way to talk to vetted plumbing, electrical, appliance repair, HVAC, and handyman Experts when you need them most. Simply connect via video chat and our Experts will help diagnose your issue and talk you through next steps or send you list of local, vetted Pros for repairs should you need in-person help. You can also roll up your sleeves using our how-to library. Getting things done has never been easier when you Open the Frontdoor.

Have a nagging home to-do list? Dripping dishwasher or a dryer that’s not drying? Think you might need a new AC system? Get it done with Frontdoor, the one-stop home repair and maintenance app that lets you video chat with home repair Experts in real time. Frontdoor also offers different membership plans to choose from based on your home repair needs and budget. Simply download the app to chat with an Expert and find the plan that’s right for you.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, homeowners should consider heating and air conditioning unit replacement every 10 years. (Source:

• A free in-home quote and current system inspection
• Multiple HVAC options from trusted brands to choose from
• Shipment and delivery of all new HVAC equipment
• Installation of new HVAC system and removal/disposal of old system
• All parts and labor, as well as necessary modifications, permit filings and code requirements

Availability for the New HVAC Program varies by market. If you’re a Frontdoor member, you can easily click on “Get started with a free quote” above to enter your zip code and see if the program is available to you. If it is, just complete the request and we'll be in touch with you shortly.

Costs for a new HVAC can vary significantly because there are numerous factors to consider, such as your property’s region, climate, square footage, system type (heat pump, ductless, etc.) and brand. Further, there could be modifications necessary to accommodate a new air conditioner or furnace with different dimensions, as well as requirements to meet updated code standards and obtain necessary permits. The best way to get accurate pricing for your specific situation is to fill out the quote request form.

Only members of Frontdoor and its sister companies can participate in the New HVAC Program.

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  1. Pricing and amount of savings will vary based on location and equipment availability. 

  2. Energy savings are from blended Frontdoor markets and were obtained via a third-party cost calculator (SEER Energy Savings Calculator for Air Conditioners). Savings vary based on location, system tonnage and SEER.

  3. HVAC system upgrades are offered by Frontdoor Pro and performed by a Frontdoor Pro independent service contractor. For Frontdoor Pro license numbers, please visit Frontdoor Pro Licensing Information. Service not available in all areas.

  4. Financing provided by an independent company not affiliated with Frontdoor or Frontdoor Pro.