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Gene Cunningham

Gene Cunningham

Trade/Area of expertise: Plumbing

Years of experience: 42 years

Favorite tool: Channelock Pliers

Meet Gene!

Say hello to Gene Cunningham, a seasoned plumbing Expert with 42 years of experience under his belt. Armed with his go-to Channellock Pliers, Gene's plumbing career began by chance when he needed a full-time job and found himself helping out his parent's plumber.

Not only does Gene have decades of experience, but he also holds a Master Plumbing License. What sets Gene apart is his extensive experience working in residential homes, which allows him to navigate homeowner issues with ease.

For Gene, the most rewarding aspect of his job is helping everyday people complete repairs, bringing him a true sense of satisfaction. When it comes to DIY projects, Gene’s advice is to do thorough research and seek assistance from reliable sources—like Frontdoor.

Outside of plumbing, Gene enjoys cooking and building computers, a testament to his skills and passion for innovation. Whether rebuilding faucets or coming up with creative solutions for sewer line tests, Gene is a true innovator; you’re in good hands when you video chat with an Expert like Gene for your next plumbing project.

Fun fact: Gene enjoys cooking outside of work and building computers

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There is a sense of satisfaction when you can help a non-profession complete a repair.

Always do research with legitimate people and websites like Frontdoor.

I just make sure I have all the needed tools, and plenty of space to work.

Don’t be afraid to give it a try. Always ask for help, if needed.

One time, I was able to rebuild a tub faucet, when two other plumbers said it needed to be replaced. It felt good to be able to save the homeowner time and money.