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Maverick Davis

Maverick Davis

Trade/Area of expertise: Appliance

Years of experience: 16 years

Favorite tool: Milwaukee Impact 12v Drill

Meet Maverick!

Say hello to Maverick Davis, your go-to Expert for appliance repair. With 16 years of experience in the field, Maverick's passion for fixing appliances started when his brother introduced him to the trade. Since then, he has become a trusted professional, obtaining notable certifications like EPA and RAIL licenses through TDLR.

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Fun fact: Maverick enjoys all genres of music, working out, and indulging in his love of cars.

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Having the opportunity to meet different people and helping resolve issues.

Always satisfy the customer! Be honest about the unit and diagnosis, do whatever it takes! 

The smile on their face and the happiness in their voices.

When servicing your refrigerator, always clean the condenser.

I was at a customer’s house the day before Christmas one year and her oven needed a board that was 2 weeks out so she decided to purchase a new one, but the company couldn’t deliver it until the following week. Her husband went and picked the unit up himself, and then I went on Christmas morning around 6am and installed it for them.