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Alejandro Leyva

Alejandro Leyva

Trade/Area of expertise: Handyman/Generalist

Years of experience: 15 years

Favorite tool: Dewalt cordless power drill

Meet Alejandro!

Say hello to Alejandro Leyva. With 15 years’ experience as a handyman, Alejandro brings a wealth of expertise and a unique perspective to every project. Inspired by his father's handyman work, he embarked on his own journey in the trade, earning a certification as an EPA HVAC Technician. Now he’s currently working towards his home inspector’s license.

What sets Alejandro apart is not just his technical skills, but his easy going nature and dedication to learning. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Alejandro ensures clear communication and seamless collaboration with homeowners.

For Alejandro, the most rewarding aspect of his job is empowering homeowners to become more handy themselves. He prioritizes safety first, ensuring that every project is completed with care and precaution. 

But there's more to Alejandro than just fixing things—he's also a former amateur boxer who competed in tournaments around the world until the age of 35. Outside of work, Alejandro enjoys spending time with his family, grilling, and watching boxing matches.

One of Alejandro's most memorable success stories involves helping a homeowner with a persistent leak issue. By identifying and repairing multiple leaks in the water lines, Alejandro was able to bring peace of mind to the homeowner. No matter the issue, big or small, you’re in good hands when you video chat with a handyman Expert like Alejandro.

Fun fact: Alejandro used to be an amateur boxer, competing in local, state and world tournaments.

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I am easy to work with and love to learn, I am also fluent in English and Spanish.

The fact that the homeowners learn from us and become handy is satisfying.

Always follow safety precautions and call Frontdoor when they’re stuck—we’ll guide them in the right direction.

Safety is always first and last.

Nothing is impossible if you prepare and get the right guidance.

One of my customers had cement walls inside his home that he wanted to textured with drywall. It was difficult, but using creativity and trial & error, the customer was very satisfied with the end result.