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Steve Schmahl

Steve Schmahl

Trade/Area of expertise: Appliance Repair

Years of experience: 19 years

Favorite tool: Variable speed cordless drill

Meet Steve!

Say hello to Steve Schmahl. Steve brings 19 years of appliance expertise, transitioning from a career in mechanics to pursue his passion for appliance repair. Armed with his trusty variable speed cordless drill, Steve's range of brand experience and dedication to his craft ensure top-notch service on every project.

Customer satisfaction is Steve's top priority. He truly enjoys seeing the smiles on homeowners' faces at the end of each job. Safety always comes first, and he advises homeowners to equip themselves with the proper tools for DIY projects.

His favorite home repair advice? Planning ahead leads to project success. Outside of work, Steve enjoys fishing, hiking, and tackling DIY endeavors.

Outside of work, Steve enjoys fishing, hiking, and working on DIY projects. His career highlights include creatively solving a problem with an older Gaggenau wall oven by fashioning a support from a piece of wood and getting the unit back to operational success. If you’re looking for ingenuity and commitment to customer satisfaction, video chat with an appliance Expert like Steve.

Fun fact: Steve is not fond of snakes

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I enjoy working with people to solve their appliance issues and seeing each project thru to resolution, I have a very broad range of brand experience.

Seeing a smile on the customers face at the end of the job.

Having the proper tools to do the job is a must.

Safety first!

Planning ahead goes a long way.

A Realtor had 6 appliances that needed attention in a house that was closing in a very short time, someone had dropped the ball and she was desperate. I met her at the house and was able to resolve the issues of each appliance on the spot. Needless to say, she was very happy!