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Alvin Wilson

Alvin Wilson

Trade/Area of expertise: Plumber and pipefitter

Years of experience: 42 years

Favorite tool: Electric copper cutters and operate Mini X

Meet Alvin!

Say hello to Alvin Wilson, a video chat Expert, plumber, pipefitter, and people person. With over four decades of experience, Alvin has seen it all. 

His career began when he stumbled upon a job construction site and asked one simple question, "Are you hiring?" Ever since, plumbing has been his passion.

Alvin has worked across commercial, residential, and industrial plumbing and pipefitting. But Alvin's love for teaching his trade is what sets him apart from other repair experts. In his 42 years on the job, he has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience that he's eager to share with others. 

Alvin's love for people is what drives his work. He's all about making homeowners' lives easier by helping them save time and money, and taking the stress out of owning a home. With a smile, a few jokes, and a wealth of experience, Alvin's the perfect video chat Expert to guide you through any plumbing problem.

So, if you're dealing with a leaky faucet, a blocked drain, or any other plumbing issue, connect over video chat with one of our skilled Experts, like Alvin.

Fun fact: Alvin enjoys many things in life, including a good rom-com. He also loves hunting & fishing.

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Keep calm and think about it. If you get frustrated, take a step back and cool off, then go back and fix it.

There was a time in my career that a supervisor quit so I had to fill in as acting supervisor. Two weeks later my boss came to me and said they loved the way I was running the job and promoted me to supervisor permanently.

This one time I was working on a 6 inch line that had a leak at the slab. We didn’t want to bust the slab, so I cut about 12 inches of pipe out. Then I took a flat blade screwdriver and a hammer and picked the plastic out of the hub. Finally, I put a coupling on the riser and glued in a new piece of pipe. Guess what? It’s watertight and still holding.