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Allyssa Estes

Allyssa Estes

Trade/Area of expertise: Plumbing

Years of experience: 15 years

Favorite tool: Angle stop wrench or multitool

Meet Allyssa!

Say hello to Allyssa Estes, a video chat Expert and plumber with 15+ years’ experience—holding a D2 certification in water distribution and a T2 certification in water treatment from the state of California.

Besides being a model of how women are just as capable as men in her trade, what sets Allyssa apart is her ability to create trust with members by educating them about their plumbing needs. Alyssa loves helping people feel like they have the ability to resolve minor plumbing issues themselves and to confidently decide what works best for their homes.

Allyssa loves working on her fixer-upper home, which led her to pursue DIY and plumbing projects. So whether you're a seasoned DIY'er or new to home maintenance, Alyssa can share her expertise and help you take confidence in your plumbing needs. 

The next time you need a hand tackling a plumbing or home repair project, Frontdoor video chat Experts like Allyssa can help you take on the task.

Fun fact: Allyssa enjoys the DIY process of taking something old and making it good as new again.

To-dos, done with Frontdoor

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Guiding members through a repair and educating them so they understand the “why.”

Take your time, research it, execute it. Don’t stress, everything is fixable.

Safety is the #1 priority. I always isolate all potential hazards before beginning any project.

Take your time and don’t rush the job.

Well, that’s a tough question, because I like to believe that every day is a success. I will say that the moment I knew I was good at my job was when I started having customers ask for me to come back to their homes to fix or service their plumbing because they trusted my quality of work. That’s memorable to me! 

I had a customer who wanted a HALO 5 Whole House Water Treatment System, but he was on the fence about wasting water as a result of the system’s weekly cycle. So, I asked him if he wanted to use the discharged water for his plants. He said, “Wow! You can do that?” And, I said, “Well, of course I can.” I went and got some irrigation tubing and was able to successfully route the discharged water to his planter.