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Allyson Saling

Allyson Saling

Trade/Area of expertise: Electrician

Years of experience: 9 years

Favorite tool: Klein 11-1

Meet Allyson!

Say hello to Allyson Saling, one of our highly-skilled video chat Experts. Allyson is a Master Electrician with 9 years’ experience and a true master of her craft—the only thing she loves more than troubleshooting electrical issues is spending time with her family.

What sets Allyson apart is her ability to troubleshoot on the fly. Whether you're having wiring problems or circuitry issues, Allyson can solve them faster than you can say "Open the Frontdoor." Her ability to creatively figure things out gets her through every job, each and every day. 

So, if you’re looking for help with your home’s electrical issues, start a video chat with one of our skilled Experts, like Allyson!

Fun fact: When she's not on the job, Allyson loves to go glamping with her family.

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My number one drive is helping members with their issues.  My mantra is do what you enjoy and be there for others when you need them.

Being there to guide and support homeowners with their issues!

You can do it!!

Safety is always my number one priority! It’s important to finish what you're doing in the same shape you started in.

It’s always best practice to get into a preventive maintenance routine and, of course, to always be safe!

An elderly woman in a mobile home had lost a neutral which made half her house go out. I was able to locate where she lost the neutral inside of a switch, make the repairs, and remove all the extension cords she had throughout her house. The best part about it was her face when she realized it was fixed! She was so happy and grateful!