As Frontdoor celebrates our first anniversary of helping homeowners like you navigate the joys and jobs of homeownership, we're excited to share something special: the ultimate home maintenance checklist.

The creation of this useful resource is a reflection of our commitment to you. Use it as a year-round guide for maintaining your home, room by room, task by task, with the wisdom of a seasoned Expert at your side. Whether it's a monthly reminder to check your HVAC filters or a seasonal prompt to clean those gutters, our checklist is designed to help you keep your home in peak condition, efficiently and effectively.

Weekly Home Maintenance Tasks

Weekly maintenance tasks predominantly involve cleaning, but their importance extends far beyond just keeping your home tidy. These tasks are fundamental to the aesthetic appeal of your spaces.

Living Room
  • Vacuuming Upholstery and Carpets

    Regular vacuuming removes dust, dirt, and allergens, significantly prolonging the life of your carpet and furniture. Be sure to use the right vacuum attachments and spot treat stains. If you notice thinning fabric, persistent stains, or loss of color, consider a deeper clean or consult with a professional. Start with a Frontdoor membership to book a carpet cleaning Pro today.

Laundry Room
  • Sweep and Mop Laundry Room Floor

    Maintains cleanliness and prevents slips. Sweep for debris and mop with the right cleaner. If there's damage or wear to flooring, get professional advice for deep cleaning or repairs.

  • Light Cleaning

    Clean the kitchen, including mopping the floors, countertops and major kitchen appliances.

  • Refrigerator Food Check

    Clean out the refrigerator getting rid of old food and uneaten leftovers to avoid contamination and illness.

  • General Cleaning

    Clean the bathroom accordingly, including the toilet, shower, faucet and showerhead.

  • General Cleaning

    Clean the bedroom overall, replacing dirty sheets, pillowcases and towels. Thinning fabric, fading colors, or loss of comfort suggest it’s time for an update.

General Household
  • Disinfect Surfaces

    Keeping surfaces clean and disinfected is crucial for preventing germs and mold. Use disinfectant cleaners on countertops, toilets, and fixtures. For persistent stains or damaged surfaces, seek deep cleaning services or advice on mold issues.

  • Dust and Clean

    Dusting with a microfiber cloth removes allergens and maintains furniture. Notable wear or damage might require deep cleaning or restoration services.

  • Thermostat Adjustment

    Adjust the thermostat to ensure that you're running it at the ideal temperature, given the weather and personal variables of each week.

  • HEPA Vacuum

    Vacuum the house thoroughly using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to get rid of tiny particles.

  • Security Camera Check

    Charge your wireless security cameras and doorbell if they are not hard-wired. Make sure they are functioning properly.

  • Don't Forget Your Pets

    Clean out litter boxes and wash/refresh pet bowls.

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Monthly Home Maintenance Tasks

Think of your monthly tasks as your early issues detection system. These are a proactive approach to catching potential issues before they balloon into bigger problems.

  • Inspect and Clean Toilet Components

    Regular inspection and cleaning of toilet parts ensure efficient operation and prevent leaks. Check the flapper and fill valve and clean under the rim. If you encounter a running toilet or a weak flush, it may be time for part replacement.

  • Check for Leaks and Drips

    Preventing water waste and potential damage starts with listening for drips and inspecting under sinks and pipe connections for moisture. Visible leaks, corrosion, or water damage should be addressed promptly with plumbing repairs, especially if the leak's source is elusive.

  • Clean and Inspect Bath Mats and Shower Curtains

    Mold and mildew can be kept at bay by washing bath mats and curtains as recommended by the manufacturer. Look out for persistent stains, odors, or wear, and seek deep cleaning or mold remediation if necessary.

  • Light Cleaning of the Refrigerator

    Wipe down drawers, shelves and compartments with warm, soapy water.

  • Clean Dishwasher

    Take out the racks and silverware slot from the dishwasher, let them soak in warm, soapy water and rinse, place back into dishwasher, then clean dishwasher by running it on a hot water cycle with a cup of white vinegar in a dishwasher-safe container on the top rack.

  • Clean Small Kitchen Appliances

    Wipe off all grease and food build ups in microwave, toaster and coffee maker.

  • Change Water Filters

    Check the filters in the refrigerator, ice maker or water filtration system (frequency will depend on the manufacturer and model).

  • Vacuum or Clean Floors

    Keeping floors clean reduces allergens and maintains the condition of your flooring. If you notice discoloration or damage, consider professional deep cleaning or floor repairs.

  • Inspect and Clean Under Furniture

    Maintaining cleanliness and removing potential pests involves moving furniture as needed and vacuuming or sweeping thoroughly. Damage to furniture or flooring signals it's time for a more thorough cleaning or pest control measures.

  • Check and Clean Windows and Treatments

    Natural light and window functionality are maximized by keeping glass surfaces and treatments clean. If you notice damage to window treatments or seal failures, it may be time for repairs or replacements.

Laundry Room
  • Clean the Washer and Dryer

    Tackling detergent buildup and lint is crucial for preventing odors and fire hazards. Clean your appliances with specialized cleaners or home solutions. If you notice inefficiency or odd noise, it's wise to consult a repair service.

  • Deep Clean Laundry Sink

    A clean sink prevents clogs and maintains hygiene. A mild cleaner or a baking soda and vinegar mixture can be used to scrub and rinse the sink. Persistent stains or damage should prompt a call to plumbing services.

  • Test GFCI Outlets

    Testing GFCI outlets ensures safety from electrical shocks in wet areas. If an outlet fails to reset or is non-responsive, it's time to consider outlet replacement.

Living Room
  • Inspect and Tidy Cords and Electrical Outlets

    Ensuring electrical safety and reducing hazards involves checking for frayed wires and overloaded outlets. Discoloration or exposed wiring require immediate electrical repairs or consultations.

General Household
  • Thorough Vacuuming

    Move all furniture, rugs and beds, and vacuum the floors underneath. Vacuum all upholstery, including sofas and chairs.

  • Glass Cleaning

    Clean all windows, mirrors, and glass picture frames with a window cleaner.

  • Check for Moisture and Mold

    Inspect for signs of moisture or mold around walls, ceilings, and appliances. Visible mold or water stains warrant professional mold remediation or repair for leaks.

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Seasonal Home Maintenance Tasks

These tasks, performed every few months, are your strategic strike against wear and tear, your defense against the seasonal elements.

  • Deep Clean Oven and Stovetop

    A thorough cleaning prevents food buildup and ensures appliance safety. Use an oven cleaner for the interior and a degreaser for the stovetop, according to instructions. If you notice persistent odors or smoke, it's time for a professional repair or a check-up, especially if the self-cleaning function fails.

  • Deep Clean Refrigerator and Freezer

    Do a more thorough cleaning than a monthly wipe down. Preventing food contamination and maintaining efficiency involves emptying and cleaning with mild detergent, followed by reorganization. If the unit shows inefficient cooling or has damaged seals, contact an appliance expert, or book a repair in the app.

  • Clean and Organize Pantry

    Regular pantry maintenance maintains food quality and kitchen efficiency. Remove all items, check for expiration dates, clean shelves, and then organize. Call for pest control or look for storage solutions if you encounter expired products or signs of infestation.

  • Flip or Rotate Mattress

    Flipping or rotating your mattress every few months promotes even wear and prolongs its life. If you notice sagging, discomfort, or visible wear, consider consulting a professional for advice on mattress care or replacement.

  • Declutter and Organize Closet

    Maximizing space and maintaining organization is achieved by sorting items, donating what’s unnecessary, and organizing the remaining items efficiently. If you're running out of space or the storage solutions are damaged, it might be time to seek custom closet solutions or help with decluttering.

Attic, Basement
  • Dust and Vacuum

    Reducing allergens and maintaining cleanliness in these less-frequented spaces requires using a vacuum with a HEPA filter and dusting with a microfiber cloth. For extensive cleaning needs or mold issues, professional services may be necessary.

  • Inspect for Pest Infestations

    To prevent damage and contamination, look for signs of pests like droppings, nests, or structural damage. Evidence of pests warrants an extermination service or sealing potential entry points to prevent further infestation.

Laundry Room
  • Clean Out the Dryer Vent

    This is very important to help the dryer run more efficiently and to avoid a potential fire hazard.

General Household
  • HVAC System Maintenance

    An efficiently running HVAC system is crucial for comfort and energy savings. Replace filters and schedule a professional check-up to clean and service the system. Unusual noises or a drop in efficiency indicate that expert servicing is needed.

  • Check for Pests

    Each new season brings the potential for pest infestation. Look for signs and seal entry points to prevent infestation. Droppings or damage from pests indicate the need for extermination services or pest control measures.

Interior & Exterior
  • Check and Refresh Weather Stripping

    Checking and replacing worn weather stripping enhances energy efficiency and draft prevention. Visible wear or an increase in energy bills suggests it’s time for new weather stripping. Contact a professional for proper installation if needed.

  • Install Screens

    Remove glass storm windows and install screens (in the summer).

  • Drain and Store Outdoor Hoses

    To prevent hose damage from freezing temperatures, drain and store them properly. If you find cracks or leaks come spring, consider replacing them. Also, repair any outdoor faucets that may have been damaged.

  • Service Sprinkler System

    Proper end-of-season care ensures the sprinkler system's optimal operation and prevents damage. After inspection and draining, shut off the water supply. Visible damage or subpar performance requires professional servicing or repairs.

  • Check for Structural Damage

    Inspect the exterior of your home and roof for cracks or structural damage. If found you should immediately contact a professional for a detailed inspection and evaluation of the damage.

  • Power Wash Exterior Surfaces

    Pressure wash the driveway and exterior surfaces to remove the accumulated dirt, mold and debris. Be careful not to use a setting too high which can damage surfaces. See setting recommends in the user manual of your pressure washer.

  • Keep Up With Lawn Care

    If you have a lawn, mow as needed and do some light weeding (spring and summer months).

  • Stay Winter Ready

    Shovel snow and sprinkle salt on stairs and walkways (winter months).

  • Don't Let Leaves Pile Up

    Blow leaves off the walkway, sidewalk, driveway, and lawn as needed (fall months).

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Bi-Annual Home Maintenance Tasks

Twice a year you’ll want to tackle those essential home maintenance tasks that are critical in preventing breakdowns. These bi-annual checkpoints are your best defense against the unforeseen.

  • Clean Refrigerator Coils

    Enhance your refrigerator's efficiency and lifespan by unplugging it and using a coil brush and vacuum to remove dust. Overheating or poor cooling indicates you need a significant efficiency check or potential replacement.

  • Descale Dishwasher

    Remove mineral buildup and ensure efficiency by running a wash cycle with a descaling solution or vinegar without dishes. If dishes are not properly cleaned or there's visible lime scale, professional assistance may be required for improvement.

  • Deep Clean Showerhead and Faucets

    Remove mineral buildup for proper water flow by soaking in vinegar overnight, then rinse and clean. Low water pressure or leaks suggest the need for fixture replacement or addressing plumbing issues.

  • Test and Replace Exhaust Fan Filters

    Maintain effective moisture and odor removal by cleaning or replacing the fan filter and cleaning fan blades. Noisy operation or decreased efficiency indicates the need for electrical assistance or fan replacement.

  • Descale and Clean Faucets and Shower Heads

    Ensure water efficiency and prolong fixture life by descaling with a solution or vinegar, then scrubbing gently and rinsing. Fixture replacement may be necessary if constant dripping or poor water flow persists.

  • Check and Clean Windows and Treatments

    Maximize natural light and window function by cleaning glass surfaces and dusting or washing blinds or curtains. If there's damage to window treatments or seal failures, consider window repairs or treatment replacement.

Laundry Room
  • Inspect Washing Machine Hoses

    Prevent leaks and water damage by checking hoses for cracks, bulges, or leaks. Visible damage or leakage requires hose replacement or professional advice if you're unsure about the condition.

  • Clean Lint Filter with Every Use

    Avoid fire hazards and maintain dryer efficiency by removing lint from the filter before or after each load. A torn or damaged lint filter necessitates immediate replacement.

  • Check Sump Pump Operation

    Test the sump pump's functionality by pouring water into the pit until it activates to prevent flooding. Non-activation or unusual noises call for pump repair or replacement.

  • Clean Debris from Vents and Gutters

    Ensure proper airflow and drainage by removing debris from vents and gutters. Clogged or damaged components should be addressed with gutter repair or professional cleaning.

  • Inspect Roof and Attic for Leaks

    Prevent water damage and mold by looking for water intrusion signs, like stains on the floor or insulation. Water stains or damp insulation necessitate roof repairs or waterproofing services.

  • Inspect and Lubricate Garage Door

    Check for smooth operation and lubricate moving parts to extend the door's life. Noisy operation or jerky movements require professional adjustment or repair.

  • Check Garage Door Opener and Sensors

    Ensure the auto-reverse feature and sensors function correctly by testing and cleaning them. A non-responsive opener or malfunctioning auto-reverse should be professionally repaired or replaced.

  • Inspect Electrical Outlets and Cords

    Prevent electrical hazards by checking for damaged cords and ensuring outlets aren't overloaded. Damaged cords or malfunctioning outlets need electrical repairs or new outlet installations.

  • Inspect and Clean Gutters

    Prevent water damage by ensuring gutters are clear of debris and water flows freely. Sagging, holes, or detached gutters require professional gutter repair, replacement, or guard installation.

General Household
  • Test and Clean Smoke Detectors

    Ensure early fire warning by pressing the test button and cleaning with an air duster; replace batteries as needed. Non-responsiveness or constant beeping warrants detector replacement or professional advice.

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Annual Home Maintenance Tasks

These are the chores that, when done once a year, can significantly prevent wear and tear on your home. Think of it as an annual health check for your living space.

Living Room
  • Clean and Check Fireplace and Chimney

    To prevent chimney fires and ensure safe operation, inspect for soot accumulation and check for obstructions regularly. If you find cracks or damaged components, it's time to call in the professionals for chimney sweeping and repairs.

  • Check for Drafts and Seal Leaks

    Checking for drafts and sealing leaks improves energy efficiency and maintains comfortable temperatures. Use a candle or incense to detect airflow and seal any gaps with weather stripping or caulk. If you notice visible gaps or feel drafts, seek system maintenance or expert advice on sealing.

  • Check and Clean Range Hood Filters

    Effective ventilation and fire risk reduction start with clean range hood filters. Remove, soak in degreaser, rinse, and dry before replacing. If there's permanent damage or excessive grease buildup, investigate further to ensure your range hood functions properly.

  • Inspect and Clean Garbage Disposal

    Prevent clogs and odors by regularly running your garbage disposal with ice cubes and salt or vinegar, and avoid hard materials. Persistent odors or poor performance indicate a need for professional troubleshooting.

  • Inspect and Seal Grout and Caulking

    Protect your bathroom from water damage and mold by checking and sealing grout and caulking as needed. Cracking, peeling, or mold suggests it's time for more extensive repairs or regrouting.

Laundry Room
  • Inspect and Clean Dryer Vent

    Cleaning your dryer vent prevents fire hazards and boosts efficiency. Disconnect and clean using a vent brush kit or vacuum. Excessive lint buildup or vent hose damage should prompt a professional inspection.

  • Maintain Garage Ventilation

    Keeping garage ventilation clear prevents moisture buildup and protects stored items. If vents are blocked or humidity levels are high, consider new ventilation solutions.

  • Pressure Wash Siding and Walkways

    Pressure washing siding and walkways maintains your home's appearance and removes dirt and mildew. Persistent stains or siding damage might require professional cleaning or repairs.

  • Inspect and Repair Roof

    Regular roof inspections prevent leaks and structural damage. Look for issues with shingles or flashing and address any leaks or visible damage immediately, potentially with a professional roofer.

  • Maintain Landscaping

    Curb appeal and plant health are supported by trimming, mowing, fertilizing, and mulching. Overgrown or dead vegetation calls for landscaping projects or professional tree removal.

  • Inspect and Maintain Deck or Patio

    To ensure the safety and longevity of your deck or patio, check for loose boards or railings and clean and seal as necessary. Signs of rot, instability, or weathering should lead to repairs, sealing, or replacement.

  • Service Air Conditioning Units

    AC unit efficiency and lifespan are crucial for comfort. Clean or replace filters, and clean coils. If you notice poor performance or unusual noises, it's time for professional servicing or replacement.

  • Check and Repair Fencing

    Security and property boundary aesthetics are maintained by checking for and repairing fencing damage. Loose, damaged, or missing panels should be addressed with repairs or installations.

General Household
  • Inspect and Update Lighting Fixtures

    Optimal lighting and energy efficiency are achieved by keeping fixtures clean and bulbs updated. If you encounter flickering lights or outdated fixtures, consider seeking help for electrical issues or new installations.

  • Organize and Declutter Stored Items

    Maximizing space and minimizing fire hazards can be accomplished by sorting, donating, or disposing of unnecessary items. For help with large-scale decluttering or organizing systems, seek expert advice.

  • Overall Home Planning

    Once a year is a great time to plan for home maintenance items and tasks you want to consider. Things like a home generator, new HVAC system, bathroom remodel, new home systems or appliances, landscaping, etc. Now’s the time to make a plan, research costs, and budget accordingly.

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Every 3-5 Years

Every 3-5 years, it's prudent to dedicate time to inspect and replace items that have endured the wear and tear of daily life. It's about ensuring the safety, efficiency, and longevity of your home's essential parts.

3-5 Years
  • Re-caulk and Seal Bathtubs and Showers

    To prevent water damage and maintain the integrity of your bathroom, remove old caulk, thoroughly clean the area, and apply new silicone caulk. If you find mold, mildew, peeling, or gaps, consider professional re-caulking, especially if the job is complex or beyond your DIY skills.

General Household
  • Check and Replace Major Appliances

    Maintaining efficiency and reliability in your home means assessing the performance of major appliances and considering updates for better features. High energy bills or frequent repairs indicate it's time to select and install new appliances.

  • Replace Water Heater

    A functional water heater is key for efficiency and preventing leaks. Drain the tank, disconnect power, remove the old heater, and follow the manufacturer's instructions to install a new unit. Rusty water, noise, or leaks signal the need for a replacement. Seek professional help for installation or advice on the correct model.

  • Inspect and Repair Driveway and Walkways

    To prevent further deterioration and ensure safety, fill cracks, reseal surfaces, or replace sections as needed. Look out for cracks, potholes, or uneven surfaces that may require major repairs or resurfacing.

  • Paint and Seal Exterior Wood

    Protect your home's wooden exteriors from weathering and decay by prepping the surface, applying primer, and then paint or sealant. If you notice peeling paint or wood rot, you need a more extensive preparation or painting project.

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