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Congratulations on the purchase of your new Moen Flo!

Frontdoor® Pro (Moen's installation partner) is here to help make the installation of your Moen Flo as easy as possible.

We recommend reviewing the pre-installation checklist to help make the process as smooth as possible.

Moen Flo Pre-Installation Checklist

This checklist will help your plumber know if the installation is possible, what special equipment they’ll need to bring to the appointment, and if you need to do any special work before they show up. 

  • Locate your home’s water shutoff valve. It could be indoors or outdoors.
  • Check for direct access to the pipe. Confirm the pipe’s location: it could be in a wall, a cabinet, or underground.
  • Check your WiFi signal when standing by the valve. Your phone should have at least two bars.
  • Locate a working electrical outlet within 35 feet of the valve.
  • Find out if your home uses a water well system.
  • Measure to see if there are at least 15-19 inches of straight pipe available by the valve.
  • Check to see if the pipes in your home and surrounding the shutoff valve are galvanized. If you aren’t sure, stick a magnet to the pipe. If it sticks, it’s galvanized. Pipes that are dull or faded gray with signs of rust are likely galvanized.
  • On your shutoff valve, look for numbering that identifies the size of your pipe/valve. If you can't find a number, our agents will have you measure the pipe to ensure you have the right size Flo device.

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