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Brian Custer

Brian Custer

Trade/Area of expertise: Plumber

Years of experience: 25 years

Favorite tool: 440 Channel Locks

Meet Brian!

Say hello to Brian Custer, a video chat Expert, journeyman plumber, and family man. With over 25 years’ experience in the plumbing trade, Brian's expertise is matched only by his approachable, friendly demeanor. 

Skilled trades, including plumbing, run in Brian’s family. Inspired by this grandfather’s legacy as a plumber, Brian became a licensed plumber in addition to being an HVAC tech. 

As a video chat Expert, Brian thrives on meeting new people from all walks of life and helping them find solutions to their plumbing problems. According to Brian, “Knowing the trade is half the task, great customer service brings the whole member experience together.”

When chatting with members, Brian’s number one goal is to teach them what went wrong, how to fix it, and help prevent it from happening again—all with courtesy and respect for both the homeowner and their home. 

So, next time you are having plumbing or home repair issues, connect over video chat with a Frontdoor Expert like Brian to get the job done.

Fun fact: Brian has 3 kids, has been married to his soulmate for 23 years, and enjoys boating, fishing, and motorcycling.

To-dos, done with Frontdoor

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If you can walk someone through a repair that takes the stress out of homeowner challenges and saves them time and money, it’s a good day!

Know your limitations but be confident enough to try something new.

Safety is always priority #1. Plumbing utilizes water, electricity and gas, all of which warrant care when working with them.

I look great in Frontdoor Orange!

Know where your utility shut offs are located and how to turn them off/on.

Developing my career into the role of Foreman is memorable for me. Subsequently, working with apprentices and sharing the trade with young men and women and watching them grow and become successful Journeymen is a gratifying experience. 

I was Foreman on several Wastewater Treatment Facility renovation/expansion projects. This often required creative thinking when executing projects while the flow of wastewater was uninterrupted. On a number of occasions, I had to plan bypass pumping large quantities of wastewater where there is no margin for error.