Smart homes have been evolving rapidly to meet homeowner's needs and technology developments. Each year, home tech trends continue to push boundaries and shape the way we interact with our homes. 

Technology in the home has allowed the work from home (WFH) movement to gain traction. Tech products for home maintenance help home workers save time and avoid burnout. 

Tech home maintenance is about more than fancy decor and lavish upgrades. These technological advancements give you more entertainment, leisure, rest, and relaxation sources. 

High-Tech Home Maintenance Innovations 

We’re seeing more and more  tech products for home maintenance arrive on the market and add ease and convenience to daily life . It can be exciting and a bit overwhelming to determine which products make sense based on your lifestyle and financial situation. Let’s try to sort out the best tech products for home

Safety and Security Come First

Given all the “porch pirates” nowadays, you’ll want to have a Ring on your front door. Your neighbors on NextDoor are sure to agree this is a sensible, if not a downright must-have decision. 

Changing Tech Security

For the Ultimate Home Chef 

The Samsung Bespoke Four-Door Flex is a top-of-the-line fridge that takes technology in the home to the next level. The Samsung Bespoke boasts:

  • Wi-fi connectivity 
  • Customizable temperature settings based on what you’re keeping where 
  • Built-in deodorizing filter plus UV tech to continuously clean the filter as it operates 

Treat yourself to GE’s smart double oven featuring “CookCam”. It’s not cheap but neither is anything high quality that is meant to be a lasting luxury. 

Brava’s oven has a built-in camera that lets you watch your food cook from your phone. Watch how it cooks here.

The GE Profile ™ Carbon Black 7-Quart Smart Mixer with Auto Sense from Crate&Barrel is just what you need to energize your inner chef in 2023. This mixer is smart in many ways! 

The GE Profile smart mixer features:

  • A built-in smart scale
  • Auto-sense technology for active monitoring 
  • Voice activation that is compatible with Alexa and Google Home

So Smart and So Clean 

Keep the air in your home clean and pure with the Conway AIrmega Ap-1512HH Mighty. The Shark IQ robot vacuum is about to be your new best friend and a big timesaver. A robot vacuum is a surefire way to improve your tech home maintenance routine with limited effort. 

Changing Tech Clean

Go Green and Save

Smart lighting gives you control over the mood in your spaces. Save the environment and save on electricity at the same time. Bluetooth and wi-fi enabled, these smart bulbs are programmable allowing you to set timers using your voice or through the app. 

Essential Bathroom Upgrades

Smart home trends are for you just as much as they’re for your home. 

The simplehuman sensor mirror hi-fi gives you a close-up view so you can see how to become your best self. 

If you did not already know, there is an ongoing trend of smart shower heads. These temperature-controlled shower heads are designed to provide the most comfortable and refreshing showers imaginable. 

The  Wyze scale lets you measure twelve metrics and syncs up with the Wyze band. An inexpensive upgrade with real utility value. 

Until this moment, you probably did not realize you wanted or needed a voice-activated trash can

Frontdoor Aims to Provide Overwhelmed Homeowners with Relief

At Frontdoor, we know there are times when homeownership can be a huge source of stress and anxiety. The Frontdoor app helps you maintain control over your household and feel confident in your choices as a smart homeowner. 

The Frontdoor app provides easy access to a trained Expert via live video chat. This allows you to interact with someone who can help you address problems as they arise in real-time. Our Experts will help you diagnose the problem and provide the best next steps. Should you need an in-home service visit after your video chat, we will send you a list of vetted, local Pros to choose from.

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