So many things to clean. So many tips on where to find them.

There are lots of things to clean in your home that aren’t getting enough—or any—attention during your typical routine. It doesn’t mean you’re lazy, it just means they probably aren’t on your radar.

We’ve put together a handy list covering some areas you may not be checking. Including the dirtiest place in the house.

5 rooms in the house that are still dirty after you “clean” them.

Before you get started, prepare for some a-ha moments. Along with a few ews.

1. Kitchen

Where are the most germs in your house? Most likely, it’s the kitchen. Specifically, spots where food is stored and prepared carry more bacteria than anywhere else.

Wake up and smell the yuck.

Your coffee grinder produces the caffeine that keeps you alert. So wake up and smell the yuck. To clean your coffee grinder, grind up a quarter-cup of rice to soak up the oils and smells then wipe it with a damp paper towel.

Leftover grime.

To clean the microwave, take a microwave safe cup containing equal parts vinegar and water then microwave it until it starts to boil. Give it a few minutes, then wipe things clean.

Loaded with grease and limescale.

Cleaning your dishwasher is simple and easy. Just place a cup of white vinegar inside, run it through a cycle, then wipe clean.

Garbage in, garbage out.

What’s inside the bag may be nasty, but what’s inside the kitchen garbage can itself is some of the worst germs in the whole house. Be sure to rinse out the can with the garden hose or spray some Lysol inside the can and ensure it is empty before putting a new trash can liner. 

How to handle knobs and touchpads.

Think about the raw meat and other items you touch when you’re cooking. There are traces of it on all your appliances. Use a disinfectant wipe or spray-on disinfectant cleaner and wipe with a paper towel.

A clean vent hood is within range.

Vent hoods can get really greasy. You might want to use a degreaser to make this grimy job a little easier.

2. Bathrooms

You’re covering the basics—toilet, tub, sink, mirror, etc. But there are lots more things to clean

It’s curtains for soap scum.

It’s easy to forget fabric and plastic shower curtains collect soap scum, grime, and residue. If your shower liner is disposable make sure you’re replacing it every six months. Otherwise, toss the curtain and liner in the washing machine occasionally to keep stuff from building up. 

Examine your showerhead.

No, it doesn’t clean itself. When the nozzles become blocked with mineral deposits, they become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. To clean a showerhead, partially fill a plastic bag with vinegar, place it over the showerhead, let it soak for a few hours, then rinse.

A dose of cleanliness.

Your bathroom medicine cabinet is probably jammed with prescriptions, lotions, and other supplies. When was the last time you checked the expiration dates? Clear everything off the shelves, toss expired medications and anything you don’t use anymore, wipe off the shelves, and only put back the things you’re keeping.

A few odds & ends…

Toilet brush. Think about it. Toilet plunger. See “toilet brush.” A toilet brush and plunger aren’t exactly the cleanest things and once you put them behind the toilet it’s not easy to get to, which means it isn’t cleaned very often. Your toothbrush holder also holds moisture from those wet toothbrushes. Clean it regularly.

You have more things to clean, we have more cleaning tips

3. Home office

So you’re working at home at least a couple of days a week now, just like millions of others since the pandemic. Even if your office is a tiny nook—or the living room sofa—you need to use a disinfectant wipe on that keyboard and mouse.

4. Living room

Wherever there’s a TV and a couch, there are germs and crumbs. You can’t defeat them, you can only hope to control them. To clean remote controls, dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol or use a disinfectant wipe and swab down the whole surface. A toothpick works for small crevices. 

Lift the sofa cushions and vacuum the debris. To get behind and under furniture, try a lightweight, maneuverable vacuum. Don’t forget pillows, blankets, end tables, and the TV screen and console.

5. Laundry room

It may sound counterintuitive, but washing machines get dirty. After all, they’re dealing with dirty, grimy clothes, sheets, and pet bedding day after day, week after week. Fortunately, keeping your washer and dryer clean isn’t a big chore.

Regularly clean the washer inside and out. Same with the dryer—including the vent, lint screen, and lint trap. It may take a little maneuvering, but get between and behind the machines too.

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