As we continue celebrating Frontdoor’s one year anniversary, we’re saluting all things doors. Join us as we step through time to marvel at the weird and wonderful history of the door.

Door (noun)

The word door (c. 1200) is a Middle English merger of two Old English words that both conveyed the idea of "door, gate": dor and duru. Both are from the Proto-Germanic *dur-, plural *dures.

Frontdoor (noun)

A one-stop app for home repair and maintenance needs, where members can video chat live with trusted home repair Experts. Frontdoor is a better way to home repair.

Frontdoor adores doors

Here’s a fun fact: Frontdoor is one year old. And to celebrate our first anniversary, we’re going to give you some more fun facts. About doors, that is. Not just because it’s in our name, but because your front door is the gateway to your home—just like we’re the gateway to keeping your home up and running smoothly. Plus, doors are just cool. So let’s take a look at the most interesting tidbits and fun facts about one of our favorite topics: doors.


A door through time

Egyptian door paintings

The first and oldest recorded evidence of the existence of doors are depictions found painted on the walls of Egyptian tombs

First sensor-activated door

According to Joseph Needham’s Science & Civilisation in China, Emperor Yang of Sui installed the first foot sensor-activated door in his library.

Wormholes: doors through time?

In theoretical physics, wormholes are structures that connect different points in spacetime. If true, wormholes might just be doors into times, locations and universes.

Invention of the electric doorbell

We can thank scientist Joseph Henry, the first secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, for the invention of the very first electric doorbell.

Jim Morrison is born

Perhaps one of the most famous Doors of all time, musician Jim Morrison was born on December 8, 1943 in Melbourne, Florida.

Carl Sandburg publishes Doors

Pulitzer prize-winning poet, editor, journalist, biographer, and Illinoisan Carl Sandburg published his poem Doors in 1957.

NASA builds some big doors

1966 marked the completion of the Guinness World Record-holder for largest doors: the doors to NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Door Door is released

You may not have heard of Door Door, but it holds a special place in door history. This single platform puzzle video game was released in Japan in 1983.

Kryptonite tops the charts

Three Doors Down had a hit on their hands with the song Kryptonite, off their album “The Better Life.” In 2000, the song reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Oldest door found in Switzerland

Archaeologists digging in Zurich, Switzerland located what may well be the oldest door ever recorded, at over 4000 years old.

Caroline Polachek releases Door

In 2019, singer/songwriter Caroline Polachek released Door, the lead single from her third album “Pang.”

Frontdoor is born!

One year ago, home repairs and maintenance were reimagined and revolutionized with the launch of Frontdoor. That’s us!

Now that you know more about doors than you ever thought possible, here’s one last thing you may not know: Frontdoor is the one and only app you need for your home maintenance and repair needs. The next time something needs fixing, simply Open the Frontdoor to find help. Thanks for welcoming us into your home throughout our first year. We hope you join us for many more years to come. To get started, all you have to do is download the Frontdoor app. Happy one year anniversary to us!

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Celebrate doors with a door-themed playlist

When you love doors as much as us, having a door-themed playlist just makes sense. So pass the aux and let us introduce you to Door Jams, our birthday party playlist that’s all doors all the time.

Pop culture doors we love

Twilight Zone

The iconic door from the intro to the Twilight Zone represents the entry to another dimension: your imagination.

Let’s Make a Deal

Behind one of three closed doors on Let’s Make a Deal, there’s a prize. Behind the other two? Nothing. Better choose wisely.

The Shining

Here's Johnny

Jurassic Park

Not to spoil a 31 year old movie, but if you think these doors are going to hold back any dinosaurs, you’re in for a surprise.


Perhaps the most recognizable detail from Friends is the whimsical peephole frame around Monica and Rachel’s door.

Lord of the Rings

There’s something supremely cozy and inviting about the round hobbit house doors from The Lord of the Rings.

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