That world exists. All you have to do is Open the Frontdoor. Our network of Experts and Pros are all in one place: the Frontdoor app.

But what’s the difference between an Expert and a Pro? And what makes them so special in the first place? Read on to find out.

Expert vs. Pro: A Quick Explainer


Experts are vetted home maintenance professionals that diagnose or troubleshoot your home repair or maintenance issues via video chat within the Frontdoor app. From HVAC and plumbing to electrical, appliance repair, and general handyperson services, Frontdoor has Experts standing by who are equipped to help you fix what needs fixing.


Pros are repair or maintenance independent contractors that are part of the Frontdoor network of vetted service providers. Frontdoor members can simply place a service request in the Frontdoor app for an in-person visit from a Pro, or request a list of vetted Pros in their area to contact in a self-serve capacity. Access to Pros is available to both free and paid Frontdoor members in certain markets.

What sets Frontdoor Experts and Pros apart

You might be wondering what exactly makes Experts and Pros so trustworthy. After all, your home’s well-being (and your peace of mind) are on the line. At Frontdoor, we recognize how important it is to ensure that the people charged with your home’s care and repair are knowledgeable, trustworthy and experienced.

  • Experts must have a minimum of five verifiable years in their trade or field. In fact, on average, they have around 19 years of experience in their areas of expertise.
  • Experts should be engaging and personable—so you’ll always have a great experience when you video chat.
  • Pros who get the highest member reviews and feedback are prioritized with the most jobs, making it a win-win for both members and Pros.

With Frontdoor, a good Expert is easy to find

Here’s how homeowners feel about their repair and maintenance needs:


66% of homeowners claim they are seeking a go-to home expert


Less than 50% of homeowners agree think they have all the necessary tools to address most home repair needs


48% of homeowners admit feeling overwhelmed by the maintenance their home

Source: Frontdoor Survey

Download the app and video chat an Expert today

If it’s time to start handling your home’s to-dos with a little help from an Expert, your first step is to download the Frontdoor app. Your first live video chat with an Expert is free!

We know you’ll love how easy and convenient it is to handle your home’s challenges with trusted Experts at your fingertips. With a Frontdoor Unlimited membership, you get unlimited video chats with Experts for $25 a year. Sign up today and say hello to a smarter, more efficient, and more budget-friendly approach to home owning.