Here at Frontdoor, we'll help you find a solution for your home and your lifestyle—from evaluating your needs to connecting you with the right tools and Experts. Because when you’re armed with the right knowledge and resources, deciding on the best security system for your home can be a clear choice.

Understanding home security systems

Ensuring the safety of your home is a top priority for most homeowners. A robust home security system can help protect your loved ones and provide peace of mind for the whole household. Understanding the technology that comes with modern security systems is the first step towards making informed decisions on the best home security systems.

Types of home security systems

Broadly speaking, security systems for homes can be classified into monitored and unmonitored, as well as wired and wireless setups:

  • Monitored Systems: These systems are monitored continuously by a professional security company. In the event of a break-in or emergency, the company is alerted and can contact emergency services on your behalf.
  • Unmonitored Systems: Also known as self-monitored systems, these alert only you or designated contacts when an alarm is triggered, relying on you to notify emergency services.
  • Wired Systems: Wired security systems are connected with wires concealed in the walls of your home. They have NVRs or DVRs for recording and local storage. They are typically more stable but require professional installation.
  • Wireless Systems: These systems use cellular or Wi-Fi connections and are generally easier to install and move, offering flexibility for renters or those who frequently relocate.

The best home security systems have these components

When selecting the best home security system, it’s important to consider both essential components and the latest technological advancements. A top-tier security system is not just a collection of tools; it's an integrated network designed to provide maximum protection and convenience. Here's how the best systems combine fundamental elements with cutting-edge technology:

  • Control Panel: This is the command center of your security system. Look for systems with user-friendly control panels that allow for easy management of settings and components. Remote access through mobile apps is a plus, offering control from anywhere.
  • Sensors and Alarms: A combination of door, window, and motion sensors strengthens your home’s defense perimeter. Effective systems send alerts to the control panel immediately upon detecting unusual activity, enabling swift responses.
  • Surveillance Cameras: High-definition cameras with night vision and motion detection provide clear footage. Seek systems that allow real-time viewing from your smartphone or tablet for ongoing monitoring and security.
  • Integration with Smart Home Devices: Systems that integrate with home automation offer enhanced convenience and safety. This feature allows you to adjust lighting, locks, and thermostats in sync with your security settings, making your home appear occupied even when it's not.
  • Environmental Sensors: Consider systems that include sensors for smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, and water leaks. These can offer comprehensive protection beyond intrusion, alerting you to a range of household threats.

Remember that the most effective system is one that addresses your specific needs while offering the flexibility to adapt to evolving threats and technologies.

Choosing the right home security system

As you consider how to choose a home security system, here are essential questions to ask yourself:

  • 1

    What are my primary security concerns?

    Are you looking to deter burglars, monitor for environmental hazards, or check in on pets and family members while away?

  • 2

    What is my budget for a security system?

    Consider both upfront and ongoing costs. Determine a budget that includes equipment, installation, and any monthly monitoring fees.

  • 3

    Do I need professional monitoring or is self-monitoring sufficient?

    Determine if you want the security of having professionals monitor your system 24/7, or if you prefer to monitor alerts and alarms yourself.

  • 4

    How important is ease of installation and maintenance?

    Decide if you're comfortable installing a system yourself or if you'd prefer professional installation. (Don’t forget, a Frontdoor Expert is just a video chat away!)

  • 5

    What type of property am I securing?

    Consider the size, layout, and specific vulnerabilities of your home. A large house might need more extensive coverage than a small apartment.

  • 6

    How tech-savvy am I, and am I interested in smart home features?

    Evaluate your comfort level with technology. Do you want a system that integrates with smart home devices, or would you prefer something simpler?

  • 7

    What are the local crime rates like in my area?

    Understanding your neighborhood’s security challenges can help you decide on the level of security needed.

  • 8

    Will I need to expand the system in the future?

    Think about whether you might move to a larger home, have additional security needs, or want to add more devices later.

  • 9

    How do I want to access my security system?

    Consider if you want to control your system via a control panel, smartphone, or both. Also, think about the importance of receiving real-time alerts.

  • 10

    What are the legal requirements or homeowner association rules in my area regarding security systems?

    Ensure that the system and services you choose comply with local laws and regulations.

By answering these questions, you can gain a clearer understanding of what you need in a home security system. This process will guide you in selecting a system that offers the best protection for your home, fits within your budget, and aligns with your lifestyle and comfort with technology. And as always, if you need more help, you can video chat with one of our Frontdoor Experts for guidance.

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