At Frontdoor, we understand the importance of maintaining the character of your home while ensuring it remains a safe and comfortable place to live. From learning old house repairs to keeping up with old house maintenance, we’ll walk you through the best ways to take care of your dated home, so it continues to tell its story for years to come.

Buying an old house checklist

Every old home has its quirks and charms, but beneath the vintage façade, there are essential needs that must be met to ensure your house remains a safe environment. Understanding these needs is the first step towards a well-maintained and happy home.

Expert tips for maintaining an older home

Maintaining an older home can feel like a daunting task, but with Expert advice in the palm of your hand, you can tackle any issue with confidence. Here’s a collection of wisdom from our seasoned Frontdoor Experts to keep your home (and peace of mind) in tact.

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    Appliance maintenance and upgrades

    Leaking dishwashers and ice-making refrigerators can sneak up on you, causing significant damage before you even notice.

    “Replace the water supply line as soon as it shows signs of wear and every five years thereafter to prevent unexpected surprises,” our appliance Expert team advises.

    For ovens that don’t heat evenly and refrigerators that struggle to stay cold, don’t wait until a full breakdown. Instead, video chat with a Frontdoor appliance Expert for DIY guidance or to get referred to a trusted Pro in your area.

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    HVAC and plumbing: ensuring efficiency and safety

    A hidden issue in many older homes is the state of the ductwork.

    “Having your ducts cleaned and inspected, especially if they are old or were unused for a long time, can prevent dust and mold accumulation, promoting healthier air in your home,” recommends our HVAC Expert team.

    Plumbing issues can also be a hidden issue to look out for. Old toilets can be silent culprits behind high water bills.

    “Switching from a 3.5-gallon flush to a 1.6 or even a 1.28-gallon model can save significant amounts on your water bill,” suggests one of our plumbing Experts, Gene Cunningham.

    For homes with older piping, Anthony Reichardt, one of our plumbing Experts, advises:

    “If you discover gray or silver metallic pipes, you likely have galvanized plumbing, which can corrode over time. Consider replacing these with modern materials.” He also recommends locating and labeling all shut-off valves to prevent panic during a leak.

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    Electrical safety and upgrades

    Older homes often come with outdated electrical systems, which can pose safety hazards.

    “Check your wiring, especially in accessible areas like the basement or attic,” one of our electrical Experts, John Stapleton, advises. “Use a plug tester to ensure outlets are grounded properly.”

    He also encourages leveraging Frontdoor. “Join our unlimited plan for unlimited video chats with our team of electrical Experts. We can assist you in updating two-prong outlets, switching old light fixtures, and solving other electrical issues you might encounter.”

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    Handyperson’s corner: dealing with unexpected surprises

    Sometimes, the quirks of an older home go beyond the usual suspects. Here, our handyperson Experts provide tips on dealing with less common but equally important issues:

    • Testing for lead paint: before you sand down any peeling paint, test for lead using a kit from your local hardware store. “If there’s a positive result, consider professional removal to ensure safety,” our Experts recommend.
    • Finding replacement parts: For those special older appliances that need a touch-up or replacement parts, you just might need to do a little more work. “Seek out specialty suppliers or consult with our Frontdoor Experts to find the right resources.”
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    Living in an older home is a commitment to its care. Here are some common issues you might face and how to prioritize them:

    Sometimes, the quirks of an older home go beyond the usual suspects. Here, our handyperson Experts provide tips on dealing with less common but equally important issues:

    • Plumbing: old pipes can lead to leaks or worse, burst pipes. Prioritize checking and upgrading your plumbing system.
    • Electrical: outdated electrical systems can be a safety hazard. Make inspecting and updating wiring and panels a top priority.
    • Heating and cooling: inefficient systems can cost you comfort and money. Consider their condition and plan for maintenance or upgrades.

Lean on Frontdoor for help with your older home

Remember, maintaining an older home doesn’t have to be a solo journey. With Frontdoor, you have a community of knowledgeable Experts ready to offer advice, provide real-time solutions via video chat, and connect you with trusted Pros for any task. Embrace the journey of maintaining your older home with confidence and the support of Frontdoor.

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