• How to Create Your Own Themed China

    First cut your paper into a circle the size of your clear plastic plate. Then insert your cut paper circle in between two clear plastic plates. Done!        See the Image

  • Retro Ads Make Great Conversation Pieces

    Crane suggests decorating with vintage ad posters featuring the amusing, casual sexism and tobacco driven zeitgeist of
 the decade, reprinted, mounted and custom decorated with anything that…   See the Image

  • Gotta Love the 60's

    Published 12/24/13 in Houses
    Gotta Love the 60's

    Here's another example of a mounted and decorated '60's ad, that makes a great conversation starter at a party. Adds can be found on Pinterest or clipped from magazines you come across at…   See the Image

  • Super Quick and Easy Foil Glitter Trees

    Super busy this year? Who isn’t? You might be so overwhelmed getting the shopping done that decorating has fallen by the wayside. Or maybe you’d just like to add a homemade touch to all your…   Read the Blog

  • Jessie Jane's Peppermint Plate

    There's still time to give your surroundings that special, homemade touch with these clever, quick and easy projects that look like they took weeks to create.   See the Gallery

  • Santa's Little Helper: Jessie Jane

    Hollywood craft expert Jessie Jane of Hidden Hills has shared her ideas with friends and neighbors including Brooke Burke, Leann Rimes, a Kardashian or two, even J-Lo.    See the Image

  • Santa Hat Bottle Toppers

    Published 12/19/13 in People
    Santa Hat Bottle Toppers

    Take a square of red felt, fold into a cone, glue and trim bottom even. Glue cotton balls around edge, saving one for the top, and voila! You have a Santa Hat that festively fits over a bottle of…   See the Image

  • Wrapping Paper Trees

    Published 12/19/13 in People
    Wrapping Paper Trees

    So simple: Make a cone of construction paper, cover it with your favorite wrapping paper, cut the bottom so it's easy and sits on a table and voila! You have chic and colorful homemade decorations.…   See the Image

  • Jessie Jane's Peppermint Plate

    Perfect for holding Santa's cookies, these peppermint plates involve little more than arranging Starlight mints in a silicone baking mold and baking in a preheated 350-degree oven for 8 minutes. See…   See the Image

  • Recycled Mitten Garland

    Published 12/19/13 in People
    Recycled Mitten Garland

    These mittens can be quickly cut from old shirts, pajamas, towels, sweaters, etc., embellished and strung on a piece of yarn. See for specific details.   See the Image