• Warm and Cozy Living Room

    Published 01/06/14 in Places
    Warm and Cozy Living Room

    A recent survey of Americans from the makers of Honeywell Infrared Heaters found that 97 percent of respondents deemed their homes “cozy” due to comfortable furniture, inviting décor, warm…   See the Image

  • No. 1 Coziest City: Boston

    Published 01/06/14 in Places
    No. 1 Coziest City: Boston

    Boston was obviously not chosen for this Honeywell Heaters list because of its climate, but rather for criteria ranging from fireplace and portable heaters usage, access to parks and…   See the Image

  • No. 7 Coziest City: Baltimore

    Yes, Baltimore. We didn't make this up. It's according to research done by Honeywell Heaters and the Environmental Health & Engineering firm.   See the Image

  • Terra Cotta Good as Gold

    Published 12/24/13 in Houses
    Terra Cotta Good as Gold

    60's table decorations can be created with a can of gold or silver spray paint adding glam to the ordinary terra cotta pots you were ready to toss. Spray them and insert Christmas cactus or…   See the Image

  • Retro Ads Make Great Conversation Pieces

    Each year, about three-dozen lucky guests receive coveted invitations to Judith Crane’s annual themed dinner party. Judith, one of L.A.’s top interior designers, goes all out on Christmas Eve,…   Read the Article

  • Retro Ads Make Great Conversation Pieces

    Top Los Angeles designer Judith Crane lets you in on how to decorate and entertain with retro style.   See the Gallery

  • Clever 60's Table Decorations

    Crane suggests spraying old trays you find at yard sales, then lining the bottom of the tray with one of your decorative papers and loading them up with pearl strands, glittery ornaments, feathers,…   See the Image

  • A Wreath With That 60's Touch

    To give your front door some '60's style, make a paper cone wreath, by folding paper in to cones, gluing them together, and adding a bow. For New Year’s, add some party cone noisemakers, or make an…   See the Image

  • Using 60's Inspired Wrapping Paper to Decorate

    L.A. Designer Judith Crane found these 60's inspired wrapping papers and used them to create her own "china," as well as for lining trays and other surfaces. Put between sheets of plastic,…   See the Image

  • Create Your Own China

    Published 12/24/13 in Houses
    Create Your Own China

    Judith Crane suggests "creating your own china" from 60's patterned wrapping paper circles placed under clear plastic plates.   See the Image