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Atlanta Author Hollis Gillespie
Atlanta Author Hollis Gillespie, Doubletake Recycled Luxury Goods
Atlanta Author Hollis Gillespie, Highland Row Antiques
Atlanta Author Hollis Gillespie, Paris on Ponce
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  • "Not if I had a hundred tongues, every one shouting a different key, could I do justice to Chicago’s splendid chaos. Where in all the world can words be found for this miracle of paradox and…   Read the Blog

  • In his forthcoming book Secret Spaces Atop Chicago, author Tony Macaluso collected stunning vintage photos of observation decks and daredevils performing stunts from Chicago's tallest buildings.   See the Gallery

  • Atlanta's Beloved Author Hollis Gillespie

    If you haven’t met author Hollis Gillespie, one of Atlanta’s most treasured commodities, it’s fairly easy to get to know her – buy the books. To say Gillespie is candid and outspoken would be an…   Read the Article

  • Atlanta Author Hollis Gillespie, Scarlett Loves Rhettro

    Located in Midtown, this is another one of Gillespie's favorite vintage haunts where you never know what you're going to find.    See the Image

  • Rosalyn’s House in ‘American Hustle’

    A hot Oscar contender is David O. Russell’s American Hustle (available on DVD and Blu-ray March 18), a fictional film set in the mesmerizing world of one of the most surprising scandals of the…   Read the Blog

  • Rosalyn’s House in ‘American Hustle’

    Jennifer Lawrence stars as Rosalyn Rosenfeld in American Hustle, directed by David O. Russell. Read on to learn more about Rosalyn's lavishly decorated ranch house.   See the Image

  • Rosalyn’s Family Room in ‘American Hustle’

    Production designer Judy Becker says they scouted many ranch houses in Medford, Mass., but they were attracted to this one for its layout. The family room leads directly into a casual dining area.   See the Image

  • Rosalyn’s Family Room in ‘American Hustle’

    Every inch of the house was covered in vintage foil-patterned wallpaper, carpeted, furnished and switched out with vintage appliances. “It may not be tasteful, but it’s a feast for the eyes – and…   See the Image

  • Rosalyn’s Eating Area in ‘American Hustle’

    In this casual dining space, a bold floral wallpaper is paired with blue dining chairs. “Everything is based on reality and our research, but it looks a little over the top,” says production designer…   See the Image

  • Rosalyn’s Dining Room in ‘American Hustle’

    Possibly the most over-the-top space of all, the dining room is lined with gold wallpaper and topped with a chandelier.   See the Image