Homes With Great Views

  • Pool View: Villa With Views in Costa Smeralda, Italy

    The home's backyard area provides not only a pool, but several areas for relaxing, including a poolside deck and an outdoor living room. Just beyond the property lies a beautiful view of Liscia…   See the Image

  • Pool: Villa With Views in Costa Smeralda, Italy

    Take a dip in the pool, then enjoy a bit of relaxation under the covered deck area. Surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens and a stunning view, the pool is one of the home's many outdoor…   See the Image

  • Outdoor Dining Room: Villa With Views in Costa Smeralda, Italy

    Dine al fresco in the patio dining room area, complete with a six-person table and thatched overhead covering. Just beyond the patio lies a stunning view of the surrounding Liscia di Vacca.   See the Image

  • Bedroom: Villa With Views in Costa Smeralda, Italy

    The simply white modern bedroom features a soft neutral color palette throughout its decor, including the curtains, bedding and floor tiles. A terrace offers a stunning view of Liscia di Vacca.   See the Image

  • Vineyard: Tuscan Villa in Siena, Italy

    La Selva Estate is renowned for its agricultural activity, especially its prestigious vineyards and olive trees.   See the Image

  • View: Tuscan Villa in Siena, Italy

    The property is reached by a private road passing through the magnificent Tuscan countryside. Everywhere you look are enchanting views over the Murlo Valley.   See the Image

  • Landscape View: Tuscan Villa in Siena, Italy

    Still a working estate, Limousine cattle are bred here and La Selva is well-known for its breeding and training of American-style Quarter horses.   See the Image

  • Veranda: Bishop's Palace in Fürstenau, Switzerland

    From the castle’s terrace/veranda, enjoy breathtaking views all four seasons of the year above the treetops of the Domleschg Valley to Piz Mitgel.   See the Image

  • Pool Aerial View: Park-Like Property in Alamo, Calif.

    An overhead view of the pool area showcases the many features of the backyard, including the pool, jacuzzi and small sitting area. Further down a backyard path is a guest house complete with…   See the Image

  • View: Old World Estate in Daytona Beach, Fla.

    All of the glass doors and windows afford desirable views of the Halifax River to the west and a lush tropical landscaped estate to the east. The swimming pool offers a necessary escape from the…   See the Image