Vacation Homes

  • Desert Retreat Bedroom

    Published 11/25/13 in Houses
    Desert Retreat Bedroom

    Glass doors and clerestory windows let in lots of light to the full-sized bedrooms in the main house.   See the Image

  • Balance Metro Pre-Fab Home

    Published 11/25/13 in Houses
    Balance Metro Pre-Fab Home

    Those who want to construct a pre-fab home on a narrower urban or suburban lot could be interested in Blu's most recent addition, the Balance Metro, with 16-foot high ceilings.   See the Image

  • Pre-Fab Desert Retreat Patio/Deck

    The 'Origin' modules feature corrugated metal siding, cedar sunshades and fiber cement detail, plus Andersen windows and doors and Trex composite decking.   See the Image

  • Joshua Tree Desert Retreat

    Published 11/25/13 in Houses
    Joshua Tree Desert Retreat

    For his mini-compound in the Joshua Tree desert, filmmaker Tim Disney used two pre-fab 'Origins' units joined by a site-built connector.   See the Image

  • Hamptons Home Theater Halsey Lane

    We love a home with a private screening room — and apparently, so do Hamptons homeowners. According to the New York Times, home theaters are all the rage in the Hamptons, eclipsing wine cellars and…   Read the Article

  • Hamptons Home Theater Halsey Lane

    The 10-seat home theater in this 12-bedroom Bridgehampton mansion offers 4-D seats that react to on-screen audio.   See the Image

  • My Ocean Villa on Tybee Island

    It began as many beach weekends do: just two girlfriends on a Tybee Island mini break with a blender and beach blankets. They both loved the laid back attitude of the tiny island, its proximity to…   Read the Article

  • My Beach House Tybee Island

    Lauren Davis decorates her beach rental properties with unique vintage treasures.   See the Gallery

  • Exterior of Fabulous Michigan Vacation Home

    Located at 4534 Iler Drive in Bridgman, Mich., this vacation home is a private slice of R&R. Follow the wooden staircase to the 23' x 24' upper level. Really, does this feel like you’re on a…   Read the Article

  • Nick Saban Boat and Lighthouse

    After a three-week delay and a lot of rumor mongering, on June 28, 2013, New York City-based Concierge Auctions announced the sale of “The Pointe,” an investment property co-owned by University of…   Read the Article