Tudor Revival

  • Callanwolde Entrance

    Published 05/28/13 in Places
    Callanwolde Entrance

    The Callanwolde entrance and grounds, though in the heart of a bustling city, cannot be seen from Briarcliff Road.    See the Image

  • Callanwolde Goldman Memorial

    Dr. Sam Goldman loved everything about his job as executive director of Atlanta’s Callanwolde Arts Center. And everything about Callanwolde screams Southern-Gothic charm and mystery. Even Pat…   Read the Article

  • Swan Lake at Marmont Manor in the Hollywood Hills

    Mansions in L.A.’s famed Hollywood Hills always sell for a premium, but believe it or not, $24.5 million actually seems like a killer deal for the massive Marmont Manor. “This is a unique…   Read the Article

  • Bird's Eye View of the Luxurious Marmont Manore

    Looking like something fresh out of the English countryside, this extravagant estate, located just a stone's throw from the Sunset Strip, is a true original.   See the Gallery

  • Swan Lake at Marmont Manor in the Hollywood Hills

    Swans and the lake they swim in are included in the $24.5 million asking price for the famed "Marmont Manor." More exotic birds can be found in the pagoda-style aviary, on the far side of…   See the Image

  • Marmont Manor Caretaker's Cottage

    No – it's not a home from a Hobbit set. It's Marmont Manor Caretaker's Cottage, one of seven buildings that make up this grand, three-acre estate in the Hollywood Hills.   See the Image

  • Bird's Eye View of the Luxurious Marmont Manore

    In this aerial view, you can see all seven buildings included on the Marmont Manor property, and get a better idea of where it's situated in the Hollywood Hills, just across from the famed celebrity…   See the Image

  • Marmont Manor Wine Cellar in Hollywood Hills

    This wine cellar in the English Country-style estate could easily accommodate a formal dinner party, and has seen many a lavish wine tasting.   See the Image

  • Marmont Manor Pool and Water Features

    There are 14 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms in the main house, pool pavilion and five other buildings on the property that is lined by 300 mature pine trees, for maximum privacy.   See the Image

  • 221 Glenwood Front View

    Published 05/14/13 in Houses
    221 Glenwood Front View

    Facade of 221 Glenwood Road. The architecture of the two-story, 11-room home is part of the Tudor revival school. Famed Chicago architect Jerome Cerney built several variations of the elegant…   See the Image