Tudor Revival

  • NYCHomes-23 Harbor Lane Front

    We love the facade of this brick Tudor home in Bay Ridge, with six bedrooms, seven baths, in-ground pool, jacuzzi and cabana.   See the Image

  • Chipper Jones' Home in Roswell, Ga.

    The 24,000-square-foot house that future Hall of Famer Larry Wayne “Chipper” Jones built in 2005 is on the market. The Atlanta Braves third baseman and seven-time National League All-Star slugger…   Read the Article

  • Chipper Jones's Roswell Home

    The house that Chipper built in 2005 boasts around 24,000 square feet of living space.    See the Image

  • 27 W 67th Open Houses NYC

    Published 06/12/13 in Houses
    27 W 67th Open Houses NYC

    The stained-glass window, chandelier and wood beams give this home at 27 West 67th St. a distinct Tudor Revival ambiance.   See the Image

  • The Callanwolde Gardens

    After years of hard work, downsizing of the grounds and several changes in ownership, Callanwolde thrives as a cultural center in Atlanta.   See the Gallery

  • Callanwolde Goldman Memorial

    The existing fountain will be incorporated into the design of the memorial for Callanwolde's Dr. Sam Goldman.    See the Image

  • The Callanwolde Staircase

    Published 05/28/13 in Places
    The Callanwolde Staircase

    Original details of Callanwolde's interior include the large staircase connecting the upper and lower halls, which has bronze balustrades curving to the left and to the right from the…   See the Image

  • Making a Grand Entrance

    Located at the top of the main staircase is a pierced tracery, which conceals the pipes of the Aeolian organ.    See the Image

  • Callanwolde's Aeolian Pipe Organ Tracery

    The distinctive masonry tracery image of the ceiling is the symbol of Callanwolde appearing in its logo and other materials.   See the Image

  • The Callanwolde Gardens

    Published 05/28/13 in Places
    The Callanwolde Gardens

    The grounds of Callanwolde previously covered 27 acres and have seen tremendous change over the past 60 years.    See the Image