• Stars Party in the Atlanta Treetops, Long Shot

    Peter Bahouth's eclectic treehouses are in stark contrast to his modern main house. The environmental activist recently hosted friend Woody Harrelson for his birthday. Harrelson was in Atlanta…   See the Image

  • Stars Party in the Atlanta Treetops, Walkway

    Woody Harrelson celebrated his birthday at the tree homes of friend Peter Bahouth. Now you can party there, too. The treehouses are available for rent on Air B n B.    See the Image

  • Treehouse: Big Brother House, Season 16

    Since the theme of the Big Brother house this season is “Urban Treehouse,” production designer Scott Storey built an actual treehouse on the second floor. "It’s a contemporary take on the…   See the Image

  • Treehouse: Robby Krieger’s California Home

    Robby's home features a one-of-a-kind backyard treehouse: a geodesic dome made of redwood.   See the Image

  • Treehouse Interior: Robby Krieger’s California Home

    “A guy next door built a treehouse, and then the guy down the street too,” Robby says. “Eventually I said, ‘I’ve got to get one too!’” Robby took a different approach than his neighbors, building a…   See the Image

  • Treehouse Exterior: Robby Krieger’s California Home

    The centerpiece of Robby’s backyard is a geodesic dome treehouse made out of redwood, and it’s a place he enjoys spending time.   See the Image

  • Restaurants in Former Homes, Redwoods Treehouse, Exterior

    This treehouse in New Zealand is not only a restaurant but also a private events facility.    See the Image

  • Restaurants in Former Homes, Redwoods Treehouse, Dining Room

    This treehouse restaurant is able to seat up to 32 guests and it located about 45 minutes north of Auckland, New Zealand.    See the Image

  • It's estimated the Harry Potter series has sold over 450 million copies. But the author with the magic pen had to get special permission to build these two-story Hogwarts-inspired Tower treehouses…   See the Image

  • Tres Chic Treehouses

    Published 12/11/13 in Houses
    Tres Chic Treehouses

    This collection of photos of designer chic treehouses by LadyInterior was one of Tumblr's most popular architectural posts of 2013.   See the Image