Traditional Style

  • Cathedral Antiques Show, Dining Room 2

    "Inspirations Rooms" were created for the event featuring fictional clients such as Coco Chanel and Winston Churchill.     See the Image

  • Tis the season for hot chocolate and classic holiday movies. From A Christmas Story to Home Alone, bundle up because we're taking a neighborhood tour down memory lane. Take notes from the charming…   Read the Blog

  • Historic Marietta Home, Exterior

    About 15 miles northwest of Atlanta is a charming and historic town called Marietta where family homes started popping up around 1824. Located in Cobb County, it was reportedly named after the wife…   Read the Article

  • 105 Weatherford Place, Exterior

    Located near the Chattahoochee River and about 30 minutes north of downtown Atlanta, Roswell is a great town for athletic families, sporty singletons as well as active seniors. It is one of Georgia’s…   Read the Article

  • 105 Weatherford Place, Entrance

    Located within walking distance of the Historic District in Roswell, the homes in Weatherford Place feature solar panels, superior drainage systems that recycle rain water and a community park.   See the Gallery

  • 105 Weatherford Place, Entrance

    This planned community in Roswell, Ga. is about 30 minutes north of the city's center.    See the Image

  • 105 Weatherford Place, Exterior

    Published 12/06/13 in Houses
    105 Weatherford Place, Exterior

    The grounds of this Roswell community are professionally landscaped and use an eco-friendly sustainable watering system.    See the Image

  • 105 Weatherford Place, Private Balcony

    There is a private balcony off of the upstairs artist's retreat.    See the Image

  • 105 Weatherford Place, Shutters

    All of the homes in this Roswell community feature unique details like these farmhouse shutters.    See the Image

  • 105 Weatherford Place, Glazing

    All the windows have extra glazing for keeping the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, scoring extra LEED points.    See the Image