• Rooftop Deck 2: Grand Townhouse in Chicago

    To extend your outdoor entertaining possibilities, there's also a fireplace on one of the roof decks.   See the Image

  • Bathroom Tub: Grand Townhouse in Chicago

    The generously sized soaking tub begs for bubbles while a chandelier overhead adds the ultimate pampering touch.   See the Image

  • Bathroom: Grand Townhouse in Chicago

    A white color palette keeps the mood of this bathroom — the home has five and a half total — crisply modern. Both the floor and the shower are done in a visually compelling mix of marble and tile.   See the Image

  • Bedroom: Grand Townhouse in Chicago

    Seven bedrooms provide ample space for entertaining and family visits. High ceilings and large windows make this room feel spacious and light, while two doors give easy access to the home's beautiful…   See the Image

  • Family Room: Grand Townhouse in Chicago

    Enjoying the glow from another of the home's fireplaces, residents can relax in casual comfort. Built-in cabinets alongside the mantel make for easy, attractive storage.   See the Image

  • Spiral Staircase: Grand Townhouse in Chicago

    With its sweeping curves and contrasting dark and white wood, the circular staircase is truly a beautiful architectural achievement.   See the Image

  • Kitchen: Grand Townhouse in Chicago

    A five-star home deserves a five-star kitchen. Chef's grade appliances make gourmet cooking a joy, while a mix of stainless steel finishes and neutral tones keep the space modern, but not harsh.   See the Image

  • Living Room: Grand Townhouse in Chicago

    In the living and dining areas, an open floor plan keeps the eye moving from one side of the home to the other, while slim columns subtly set the two spaces apart. The living room features coffered…   See the Image

  • Living Room: Historic Townhouse in Savannah, Ga.

    Nine-foot plus ceilings and gleaming wood floors are present in nearly every room of this elegant residence, which dates back to 1854. The home also boasts eight fireplaces, one of which nobly holds…   See the Image

  • Restaurants in Former Homes, 1789 Restaurant Front Door

    When these structures were built there was an expectation of family meals, and now they churn out hundreds by the week. Blink and you might miss this Georgetown establishment.    See the Image