• NYCTOUR - Dean St

    Published 09/19/13 in Houses
    NYCTOUR - Dean St

    Architect Clay Miller transformed an utterly ruined building into a beautiful, modern, sunlit 4,600-square-foot Brooklyn townhouse. This a great example of a gut renovation done right.   See the Image

  • Michael Feinstein NYC Townhouse

    Five-time Grammy nominee Michael Feinstein has put his Upper East Side home on the market, and what a home it is. Priced at $17.9 million, the 18-room five-story house offers six bedrooms, seven…   Read the Article

  • Michael Feinstein NYC Townhouse

    Published 09/19/13 in Houses
    Michael Feinstein NYC Townhouse

    Michael Feinstein's 25-foot-wide townhouse was combined from two separate brownstones. The Al Hirschfeld mural shown here does not come with the home, unfortunately.   See the Image

  • East Harlem Townhouse

    Remember that record-setting Harlem townhouse sale that we mentioned back in July? It turns out the buyer is none other than Neil Patrick Harris. According to the New York Post, Harris bought the…   Read the Article

  • Rooftop Deck: 301 Beacon Street, Boston, MA

    Have you been entering the HGTV Urban Oasis 2013 Giveaway? Don’t forget, you can enter twice online per day – once on and once on – for your chance to win our stunning…   Read the Blog

  • NYC Tighthouse - Parlor Floor

    We've heard a lot about passive houses, but when it comes to New York, they always seem to be located somewhere upstate. That is until we came across these photos of New York City's first certified…   Read the Article

  • NYC Tighthouse - Back Facade

    Designer Julie Torres Moskovitz upgraded this Park Slope home for maximum energy efficiency.   See the Gallery

  • NYC Tighthouse - Stairs

    Published 08/30/13 in Houses
    NYC Tighthouse - Stairs

    The stairs were designed to increase natural light, hence the perforated stainless steel treads.   See the Image

  • NYC Tighthouse - Parlor Floor

    Published 08/30/13 in Houses
    NYC Tighthouse - Parlor Floor

    This Brooklyn passive house, called Tighthouse, uses 90% less heating energy. It was designed by Julie Torres Moskovitz, founder of design firm Fabrica718.   See the Image

  • NYC Tighthouse - Kitchen

    Published 08/30/13 in Houses
    NYC Tighthouse - Kitchen

    Large windows may not seem conducive to insulation, but the Passive House Planning Package allows owners to assess all design vs. efficiency tradeoffs. Moskovitz used triple-glazed Schuco windows…   See the Image