• Hal Prince NYC Townhouse

    We've been watching Broadway legend Hal Prince's Upper East Side townhouse ever since we first laid eyes on the listing photos earlier this year. The home has a lot of personality, which you have to…   Read the Article

  • Hal Prince NYC Townhouse

    Published 08/08/13 in Houses
    Hal Prince NYC Townhouse

    Broadway producer and director Hal Prince put his townhouse on the market back in November. The living room sure has a theatrical flair.   See the Image

  • NYC $3.25M Townhouse Long Island City

    Brooklyn neighborhoods tend to get all the attention when it comes to landmark townhouse sales, but this week the focus is on Long Island City. A townhouse at 531 51st Avenue hit the market in April…   Read the Article

  • NYC $3.25M Townhouse Long Island City

    This triplex is one of two units in a $3.25 million Long Island City townhouse that just went under contract. It could become the neighborhood's most expensive townhouse.   See the Image

  • Askew Lombard Street

    When you set the camera level and shoot these houses as they would appear if they weren't on super-steep hills, the rogue spirit of the original settlers becomes abundantly clear.   See the Gallery

  • A Cockeyed Painted Lady

    Published 07/17/13 in Places
    A Cockeyed Painted Lady

    The foundations of these homes are often made of reinforced concrete to satisfy some pretty touchy building codes (remember, this is also earthquake country).    See the Image

  • Yes, They Cant!

    Published 07/17/13 in Places
    Yes, They Cant!

    A whole row of Cow Hollow houses reclines like a line of exhausted toddlers.    See the Image

  • Obliquely North Beach

    Published 07/17/13 in Places
    Obliquely North Beach

    This is the Little Italy of San Francisco, so the Leaning Tower of Pisa would fit right in.    See the Image

  • Off-Kilter Kearny Street

    Published 07/17/13 in Places
    Off-Kilter Kearny Street

    See? Didn't we tell you? Stairs. Carved into the sidewalk. That's how steep these hills are.    See the Image

  • Listing in the Lower Haight

    What do you call a woman who lives here? Eileen.    See the Image