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  • Laura Turner Seydel

    In spite of being the daughter of media mogul and millionaire philanthropist Ted Turner, Laura Turner Seydel is not above a good dumpster dive. The author, blogger and environmental activist has…   Read the Article

  • Laura Turner Seydel

    Published 06/25/13 in People
    Laura Turner Seydel

    Activist and green living expert, Laura is chairperson of the Captain Planet Foundation and Zero Waste Zone and co-founded Mothers and Others for Clean Air and the Upper Chattahoochee…   See the Image

  • Move to Los Angeles Infographic

    Published 06/12/13 in Places
    Move to Los Angeles Infographic

    Los Angeles turns out to be the top-searched metro area when it comes to relocation, but you can see how other cities stack up and get plenty of moving tips on this infographic.   See the Image

  • Casinos in South Lake Tahoe

    Key Terms Know how to talk the talk. Tahoe, The Hoe – Common nicknames for Lake Tahoe T.C. – The abbreviation for Tahoe City K.B. – The abbreviation for Kings Beach CBC – What…   Read the Article

  • NYC Staging Story 77 Park Ave

    Staging New York City apartments could be an Olympic sport. Small, easily cluttered and sometimes short on natural lighting, our urban abodes are not always easy to package to prospective buyers. For…   Read the Article

  • NYC Staging Story 140 W 22

    Published 06/07/13 in Houses
    NYC Staging Story 140 W 22

    Another way to make rooms seem larger is by bringing in a mirror — like in this Chelsea condo.   See the Image

  • NYC Staging Story 77 Park Ave

    Published 06/07/13 in Houses
    NYC Staging Story 77 Park Ave

    Avoid giant furniture pieces if you want a room to seem larger, says Anna Shagalov of Halstead Property. Also, place flowers and small objects in very specific places, as in this Park Avenue condo.   See the Image

  • Region: Find Your Home Style

    Ask yourself these questions to find a type of architecture that fits your lifestyle and tastes   See the Gallery

  • Use Color CreativelyColor can be incorporated in many ways, so don't be afraid to use it creatively. From unique pieces of art to decorative pillows, a pop of color can really catch a buyer's…   Read the Article

  • Personal Possessions

    Published 03/18/13 in Home Styles
    Personal Possessions

    Religious decor, lawn ornaments, kids' toys scattered around or even piled up in a corner are a huge no-no, says Laura Slyman, owner of Slyman Real Estate in Knoxville, Tenn. "Sometimes…   See the Image