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  • L.A. Home Seller Tip: Launch Online

    "In the visually oriented HGTV, Instagram and Pinterest world in which we live, the presentation of your home, especially online, is essential," says John Barrentine, CEO and Co-Founder of RED Real…   See the Image

  • During the first three months of 2014, more homes sold in Miami than in the first quarter of the last eight years, but it's a different market today than it was last year, or before the…   Read the Blog

  • Current Atlanta Inventory, Vedado Way Exterior

    Some people believe that life is a numbers game; probability dances with outcome. Others trust in their heart of hearts that luck or fate control their destiny. Real estate transactions are a bit…   Read the Blog

  • Atlanta Homes for Sale

    Published 04/16/14 in Houses
    Current Atlanta Inventory, Vedado Way Exterior

    These homes were listed on the MLS as of April 2014. How quickly they move is determined on price and their condition, according to our experts.   See the Gallery

  • Things to Know Before Selling a Home in NYC: 151 West 17th St.

    If you haven't heard, it's a good time to be selling a home in New York City — inventory is low and demand is high. Even in a seller's market, though, it helps to arm yourself with a few tips before…   Read the Blog

  • L.A. Home Seller Tip: Sweat the Small Stuff

    Just because you live in one of the hottest seller's markets in the country doesn’t mean you can plop a “For Sale” sign in your yard and the buyers will come running with multiple bids. While…   Read the Blog

  • L.A. Home Seller Tip: Online Presentation is Everything

    Just because L.A. is one of the nation's hottest markets right now doesn't mean you can just plop a sign in your front yard and sell for a huge profit. There are so many factors a savvy seller must…   See the Gallery

  • L.A. Home Seller Tip: Clean and Remove Clutter

    “Before listing a home we do a walk-through with the seller and note all the areas that need improvement. Sometimes this is as simple as taking away clutter, or too many personal touches, photos or…   See the Image

  • L.A. Home Seller Tip: Sweat the Small Stuff

    Consider the fact that L.A. buyers are paying some of the highest prices in the country, and are therefore particularly demanding and discerning. "When a buyer's eye travels to little fixes that…   See the Image

  • L.A. Home Seller Tip: Know Your City Ordinances

    No matter how pristine and luxurious a bathroom may look, if it doesn’t have low-flow toilets and showerheads, you can’t sell the house. See more legal requirements on top Realtor Joe Babajian’s…   See the Image