10 San Francisco Locations That Are Perfect Gotham City Stand-Ins

BatKid is coming to town, via Make-a-Wish Bay Area, and we're so on board. If the Dark Knight were to relocate here, we've found the perfect spots for his adventures to unfold.

Photo By San Francisco Travel Association / Can Balcioglu San Francisco will transform, for a day, into Gotham City - which makes perfect sense to those of us who know its mysterious nooks and crannies. 

San Francisco is all a-twitter this week. Not because of that corporation's IPO – that's big news, sure, but not nearly as exciting as the fact that our fair city will be transformed, for one day, into Gotham City so that a sick 5-year-old boy named Miles can experience his fondest desire: to become Batman.

It's not the normal M.O. of Make-a-Wish to call upon the public's help, but this seemed like a special case that would not only make Miles' day, but also raise awareness of their worthy cause. Letting people "share in the power of the wish," as their spokesperson put it, would spread the joy.

So next Friday, Miles will awake to see a breaking news on TV as the police chief begs for information on the whereabouts of "BatKid." Miles will be brought to several locations: freeing a "damsel in distress" from the trolley tracks, stopping a robbery, and responding to a crowd of hundreds (maybe thousands!) of volunteers asking him to rescue an as-yet-unnamed San Francisco mascot (we're guessing Lou Seal).  

Finally, the mayor and police chief will thank him at City Hall, awarding him the key of the city.

Miles, who is battling leukemia, knows only the barest details of the plan, but the goofball zeitgeist of this city has been turned up to 11. We are nerds: we have Superman costumes laying around the house, we know decades' worth of comic book trivia, and we love to skip work. It should be fantastic.

In celebration of Miles, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, and – of course – the Dark Knight himself, FrontDoor has gathered 10 city sites that are Gotham-worthy and Batman-ready, should he decide to relocate here permanently. 

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