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    Logic would have you think that the more expensive your home, the higher your property taxes. According to a recent article in the New York Daily News, however, this is not necessarily the case in…   Read the Article

  • Many homeowners are receiving offers for assistance in getting their property taxes reduced, sent by services purporting to specialize in reducing people’s property taxes. It is absolutely possible…   Read the Article

  • Pity the tiny gecko that winds up on the meal plan of the wind spider. If caught, the fangs sink in, and he is eaten alive. Or consider the fly that’s seized by an ambush bug: first saliva is…   Read the Article

  • In ancient Greece, praising the sun's power meant you'd give an offering to the sun god Apollo at Delphi for a chance that the oracle would reveal your future. These days honoring the sun's power…   Read the Article

  • Hopefully, part of the reason you decided to buy a home and stop renting is for the tax breaks. And there are quite a few of them! Depending on your income level, you can deduct several expenses…   Read the Article

  • It can be tough to pick up the pieces after you lose your home or property. Luckily, there are tax benefits that can help you get back on your feet after a casualty or theft. A casualty occurs…   Read the Article

  • Ever thought about going green in your home? No, I'm not talking about painting the kitchen -- I'm talking eco-friendly updates. Going green will cut down your energy bills in the long run, and you…   Read the Article

  • You know that kitchen remodel you just had to have? Sure, it will impress buyers when you decide to sell, but it could also cut your capital gains tax burden. If you have lived in your current home…   Read the Article

  • If you sell your home this year and profit big, you could be exempt from capital gains tax. Married couples filing jointly can claim up to $500,000 dollars in profit tax-free, while single sellers…   Read the Article

  • Moving, in short, isn't fun. Whether you pack and move your own stuff or pay someone else to do it, it takes time, energy and lots of money. Lucky for you, some of those expenses could be…   Read the Article