Suburban Living

  • Lucas Valley Eichler: Garage

    Sixteen feet of steel, with a side-mounted motor and an automatic lock: not typical, but certainly an improvement.    See the Image

  • Ferris Bueller Highland Park House

    The Ferris Bueller Highland Park house hasn't found a buyer yet. Fans recall the tragicomic scene of a classic Ferrari zooming through plate-glass windows, crashing into the ravine.   See the Image

  • Ferris Bueller Highland Park House

    Shot in one week around the Windy City on a skinny $5.8 million budget, Ferris Bueller's Day Off made Matthew Broderick a household name in the summer of 1986. It still sparks and roars…   Read the Article

  • There's Help For Homebuyers In California

    This typical home is just out of reach for many homebuyers. But a new search tool for down-payment assistance programs might bring it closer.    See the Image

  • David Adler (1882-1949) has been re-discovered. He lived and worked during an explosive, creative tide that bridged the industrial age of the late 19th century to the tech of the mid-20th, an era…   Read the Article

  • Summer Garden of David Adler French Masterpiece

    Most of Adler's homes are designed with access to patios, porches, terraces and views from the common rooms. His outdoor spaces are frequently accented with urns, statues, and odd bits of garden…   See the Image

  • Library of David Adler French Masterpiece

    Hard to imagine from the imposing exterior that this intimate library is inside. Adler's formal training at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts instilled historical styles (the Ecole taught many) as a…   See the Image

  • Kitchen of David Adler French Masterpiece

    Originally designed for the house staff, this updated kitchen still retains Adler's space aesthetic. One of the unusual design aspects of this home was creating the impression of…   See the Image

  • Front view of the Carolyn Morse Ely estate: Adler was one of the most influential men and architects of his generation whose work has become as prized as other name-brand titans in the Chicago…   See the Image