Staging Your Home

Good to Know: Staging Checklist

Use this handy guide to be sure you're covering all the bases before a showing or open house.

Your Strategic Plan for Home Staging

Follow our advice for sprucing up your home room by room to make a great first impression.

Staging Your Home for Sale

  • After: Nicely Natural

    Published 04/07/14 in Real Estate
    After: Nicely Natural

    Bringing the outdoors inside with natural wood and elegant green accents allows this room to flow beautifully with the adjoining patio. A large mirror placed across from the patio visually expands…   See the Image

  • Before: Bland Bedroom

    Published 04/07/14 in Real Estate
    Before: Bland Bedroom

    This bedroom in a Hollywood, Calif., mansion needed a touch of style. A door or window on every wall of the room proposed a problem for potential buyers.   See the Image

  • After: Simple Solutions

    Published 04/07/14 in Real Estate
    After: Simple Solutions

    Positioning the bed under a window allows wall space for other bedroom necessities. The window also serves as a creative headboard for the bed, which still allows light in to keep the room feeling…   See the Image

  • Before: Bedroom Blunder

    Published 04/07/14 in Real Estate
    Before: Bedroom Blunder

    A beautifully landscaped space awaits just outside the bedroom of this Venice Beach, Calif., home. However, it is hardly noticeable in this room surrounded by towering white walls.   See the Image

  • After: Delightful Dining

    Published 04/07/14 in Real Estate
    After: Delightful Dining

    This dining room is now a defined space with its own sense of style. The bright red color of the chairs gives this space a flair that potential buyers won't forget.   See the Image

  • Before: Bedroom with Bare Bones

    Bold molding on the ceiling, a built-in bookcase and beautiful fireplace prove this Brentwood, Calif., master bedroom has many ideal structural features. However, with such a big room, how do you…   See the Image

  • After: Multipurpose Master Bedroom

    A defined sitting space in the bedroom shows the room is multifunctional. Light-colored furniture keeps the space bright and open while still showing the room's potential. Just as Meredith and her…   See the Image

  • Before: Dull Dining

    Published 04/07/14 in Real Estate
    Before: Dull Dining

    The Brentwood Park area of California is known for its pricey pads. At nearly 13,000 square feet, this home was no exception. This informal dining room is a commonly used space in homes, but when…   See the Image

  • Doraville Midcentury Modern, Exterior After

    Located in Doraville, Northcrest is a large subdivision just 20 minutes from downtown Atlanta that was developed from the late 50s through the mid 70s. A large percentage of the neighborhood's…   Read the Article

  • Doraville Midcentury Modern, Exterior Before

    See the before and after photos of this renovated midcentury modern home. Everything (except one “Hollywood-style” bathroom) was carefully and respectfully updated, improved or replaced.   See the Gallery

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