Staging Your Home

Good to Know: Staging Checklist

Use this handy guide to be sure you're covering all the bases before a showing or open house.

Your Strategic Plan for Home Staging

Follow our advice for sprucing up your home room by room to make a great first impression.

Staging Your Home for Sale

  • Staged Living Room

    Published 05/24/13 in Real Estate
    staged living room with white couches

    When photographing a room, take a step back and show off as much of the room as possible.   See the Image

  • Feng Shui Staging

    Impress buyers by improving your home's energy   See the Gallery

  • Clutter-free dining room

    Remove clutter and depersonalize. There’s one rule that’s consistent in all home staging: Ditch the clutter. Clutter prevents energy from flowing through the home. So clear out knickknacks, photos…   See the Image

  • Feng Shui Tips: orange couch and wood table

    Rearrange furniture to improve chi. A furniture arrangement can make or break the flow of energy in the room. If the back of a sofa faces the room's entrance, energy bounces right out. Facing a…   See the Image

  • Feng Shui: Bed

    Provide support. Large furniture such as beds and sofas need a solid wall of support behind them, so don’t place these pieces in front of a window.   See the Image

  • Feng Shui: Windchime

    Invigorate the senses. Stimulate your home’s energy with sound by adding a wind chime to the front right corner of your house. This is the buyer’s area of the home, so this accessory might call in…   See the Image

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