Staging Your Home

Good to Know: Staging Checklist

Use this handy guide to be sure you're covering all the bases before a showing or open house.

Your Strategic Plan for Home Staging

Follow our advice for sprucing up your home room by room to make a great first impression.

Staging Your Home for Sale

  • After: Wow-worthy Hardwood

    Published 03/15/13 in Real Estate
    After: Wow-worthy Hardwood

    Ripping out the dirty carpet and refinishing the hardwood floors turns this room from yow to wow.   See the Image

  • Don't Be Afraid of Color

    Published 03/15/13 in Real Estate
    Don't Be Afraid of Color

    Before: This sterile, colorless bathroom looks like it belongs in a hospital, not someone's home. The only color in the room is the splatter of paint left on the wall from a failed home…   See the Image

  • After: Fresh Paint and Bold Patterns

    The coordinating window treatment and shower curtain add texture and color to the room, and new lighting, accessories and fresh paint complete the look.   See the Image

  • Stay Away From the Wrong Color

    Before: That shade of green should only be used on Halloween costumes, not on walls. And that sofa is frightening.   See the Image

  • After: Warm and Inviting

    Published 03/15/13 in Real Estate
    After: Warm and Inviting

    Warm beige paint and new, minimal furniture transform this room from unsightly to inviting.   See the Image

  • Make a Great Entrance

    Published 03/15/13 in Real Estate
    Make a Great Entrance

    Before: The front of this condo is as bleak as a cheap motel. The gate is plain and uninviting, the porch is cluttered with logs, and the ugly air conditioner sticks out like, well, an ugly air…   See the Image

  • After: Welcoming Walkway

    Published 03/15/13 in Real Estate
    After: Making a Great Entrance

    A welcoming arbor and a newly-landscaped path emphasize the entrance. The clutter is cleared from the porch, and the air conditioner is concealed under a custom-made cover.   See the Image

  • Show Off a Room's True Potential

    Before: The empty living area has great potential, but it's hard for a buyer to see the possibilities with nothing in the room but dust. A vacant home takes longer to sell than one with…   See the Image

  • After: Lively and Stylish

    Published 03/15/13 in Real Estate
    After: Showing Off a Room's True Potential

    Instead of having to imagine this room's potential, buyers can now see it. Adding furniture makes the room warm and defines the space. Fresh paint on the walls, window treatments and art breath…   See the Image

  • Add Value With Stainless Steel

    Before: This dirty, outdated kitchen looks like the one in your grim college apartment, and that refrigerator is totally 1991 almond beige.   See the Image

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