• Waterskiing in Winter Haven, Fla.

    Doing their part to keep the rich history of Cypress Gardens alive and well, a group of volunteer water skiers, many of whom were past members of the attraction’s popular ski shows, perform for…   See the Image

  • Kayaking in Winter Haven, Fla.

    Kayaking is a popular sport in the “Chain of Lakes City,” and with Winter Haven’s UPKEEP program, a public Kayak use and educational tour initiative, everyone can get a chance to enjoy the lakes from…   See the Image

  • Chain of Lakes Complex in Winter Haven, Fla.

    The City of Winter Haven hosts a number of competitive youth sports programs including soccer, softball and swimming, with meets held throughout the year at the Chain of Lakes Complex featuring an…   See the Image

  • Nuevo Laredo Cantina, Exterior

    If you call yourself a “foodie” then you can stop reading because your definition of a good meal will probably not be compatible with this post. When we think of a great meal, sure, we love the…   Read the Article

  • Holeman & Finch, Atlanta's Turner Field

    You can have you peanuts and Cracker Jacks; we'll have a H&F burger, please.    See the Image

  • Home of Julio Jones, Library

    Most football fans know the name Julio Jones. They’ve either shouted it, “Julio!!” as he crossed the goal line or cursed it. There are certainly at least 33 million people familiar with the Atlanta…   Read the Article

  • Home of Julio Jones, Exterior

    The Atlanta Falcon star wide receiver grew up in Alabama and now calls Georgia home after signing a four-year contract worth $16.2 million with the team in 2011.   See the Gallery

  • Winter Fun in Rocky Mountain National Park

    Take in beautiful vistas and wildlife watching during the winter months in Rocky Mountain National Park. Strap on snowshoes or cross country skis and traverse a variety of trails like this one with a…   See the Image

  • Golf in Estes Park, Colo.

    Published 12/11/13 in Places
    Golf in Estes Park, Colo.

    Should you yell "Four!" to an elk? Elk are in frequent supply when you tee up on the Estes Park Executive 9-Hole Golf Course. Try not to let animal watching distract you from your par 3s…   See the Image

  • Turner Field, Skyline

    The ink is dry and it’s official: The longest continuously operating franchise in Major League Baseball is moving. Of course we’re talking about the Atlanta Braves. The deal was signed on Nov. 26,…   Read the Article