• Best Stadiums, Aquatics Center, Beijing, China

    The Water Cube was designed for the 2008 Summer Olympics and built by a conglomerate: PTW Architects (Australian architecture firm), Arup (a global firm), CSCEC (China State Construction Engineering…   See the Image

  • Best Stadiums, Queen Elizabeth Park in London England

    Robert McAlpine and Populous (formerly HOK Sport) were chosen to design and build the stadium for the 2012 Summer Games. Individual "paddles" containing LED lights were installed between…   See the Image

  • Best Stadiums, Olympiastadion in Berlin, Germany

    Werner March built the new Olympiastadion on the foundation of the original Deutsches Stadion in 1934. Called Reichssportfeld, the stadium held 110,000 spectators and was used for the 1936 Games. It…   See the Image

  • Best Stadiums, Birds Nest, Beijing, China

    The Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron were chosen to design the stadium for the 2008 Summer Games. The stadium consists of two independent structures, situated 50 feet apart: a red…   See the Image

  • Best Stadiums, Yoyogi Olympic Park, Tokyo, Japan

    Tokyo played host to the world in 1964. The original structure by renowned architect Kenzo Tange is now known as the National Stadium. Though the buildings were designed in 1964, the designs could…   See the Image

  • Best Stadiums, Queen Elizabeth Park, Closing Ceremony

    The 2012 Olympic Games closing ceremony was dubbed A Symphony of British Music and featured a tribute to the Beatles and Freddie Mercury along with live performances by Elbow, Madness, Kate Bush,…   See the Image

  • Best Stadiums, Toyko, Japan

    Toyko hosted the Summer Games in 1964 and was recently awarded the 2020 games partly based on their "conservative" $5 billion projected costs. Rather than building completely new venues,…   See the Image

  • Best Stadiums, Stade Olympique de Montréal in Montreal, Canada

    Seen here at night, this is main venue for the 1976 Summer Olympics. The stadium was nicknamed "The Big O" in reference to the doughnut-shape of the permanent component of the stadium's…   See the Image

  • Daytona USA in Daytona Beach, Fla.

    Orlando enjoys a car and bike culture year-round, but every February and March, half a million visitors descend on Daytona Beach to ride motorcycles, party and enjoy several days of motorcycle racing…   See the Image

  • Golfing in Orlando, Fla.

    Published 01/22/14 in Places
    Golfing in Orlando, Fla.

    Orlando is, without a doubt, a premier golfing destination, so much so entire “golfing communities” are built around courses for the benefit of those who love to tee. The 18-hole Legacy Golf Course…   See the Image