• Tennis Court: Arbor Hill Estate in Fort Washington, Pa.

    With the U.S. Open in full swing, the Cool Houses Daily staff has tennis on the brain. Naturally, we were stoked to find this Pennsylvania estate outfitted with an incredible indoor clay tennis…   Read the Blog

  • Tennis Court: Arbor Hill Estate in Fort Washington, Pa.

    It’s hard to imagine a more stylish place to strike up a tennis match than this modern indoor clay court. Situated on 29 picturesque acres, this 40,000-square-foot modern residence was designed by…   See the Image

  • Everything an Athlete Could Ask For

    Shaq? Check. Justin Timberlake? Check. Leonardo DiCaprio? Check. Julia Roberts? Check. Ben Affleck, Sylvester Stallone, Paul McCartney, Jack Nicholson and hundreds more. Check, check, check, check…   Read the Article

  • Everything an Athlete Could Ask For

    Hundreds of Hollywood entertainers and professional athletes have one thing in common: backyards with the latest and most lavish athletic facilities.   See the Gallery

  • Hendrickson's Home Court

    Published 08/27/13
    Hendrickson's Home Court

    Hendrickson's own backyard features this lighted multipurpose court with the colors and logo of his alma mater, a rebounder, putting green, areas of synthetic grass and an in-ground trampoline.   See the Image

  • Side Yard Use

    Published 08/27/13 in Houses
    Side Yard Use

    While a pool takes up a good amount of their backyard, these owners opted to put a half basketball, putting green and artificial turf in their side yard, making the most of the space.   See the Image

  • Chess Court and Putting Green

    Can chess even be considered a sport? It can when the pieces are up to three feet tall. Here's a closeup of the chess board and putting green  you saw in the preceding aerial view.   See the Image

  • Backyard Mini-Golf Course

    Published 08/27/13 in Houses
    Backyard Mini-Golf Course

    Next to the Laker-colored multi-purpose court (shown in the preceding photo), these owners had a mini-golf course constructed. It's a kid's paradise.   See the Image

  • Colorful Court

    Published 08/27/13 in Houses
    Colorful Court

    Those installing courts in their backyards can chose from 22 colors and an infinite number of logos. Since this is L.A., Lakers colors are particularly popular. See the next photo to find out how the…   See the Image

  • Celebrity Putting Green

    Published 08/27/13 in Houses
    Celebrity Putting Green

    Golden Globe-winning actress Jane Seymour opted for this elegantly landscaped putting green.    See the Image